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Grapevine, TX

Another small world story today: we stopped off in Canton TX to get lunch, and stumbled across this little local taco stand. There was room for the Airstream so of course we pulled in. After lunch, a car drove up to our trailer and a man inside said, " .... Rich?"

Canton taco stand.jpg

It turned out to be blog reader and fellow Airstreamer Fred Richardson, who we had not seen since last year's Homecoming event in Jackson Center. He saw the big silver thing parked by the road, and of course being a good Airstreamer, he made a U-turn to get a better look. Then he noticed the big graphics and realized it was us!

It was great to see Fred, since we owed him thanks for arranging our visit to Taylor, for some of the best barbecue in Texas. We gave him a quick tour of our trailer, talked about disc brakes and Hensley hitches, and then waved goodbye as we headed west on I-20. We'll see him and his wife again someday, I'm sure.

Tonight we are courtesy parking at the home of Stan and Eileen, in Grapevine, which is north of DFW Airport. At the moment we are parked right in front, in the midst of a very neatly trimmed suburban neighborhood of brick homes, but when Eileen gets home we may move to the driveway. It seems a very nice place to be parked for a few days, but our concern is whether the nights will be too hot. At 5 pm, it's still well into the 80s. Stan and Eileen don't have a 30-amp power outlet for us to plug into, which means we can't run the A/C. We'll probably be fine with the Fantastic Vents ... I hope ...

Here's a sign of the week. If you know you are going to Jefferson, turn left. If not, turn right.



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