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Santa Rosa Lake State Park, Santa Rosa NM

Our route has once again intersected historic Route 66, "the mother road." It's easy to tell because the main drag through Santa Rosa is lined with old motels with neon signs, and all manner of businesses harping on the Route 66 mystique.

"Garminita", our GPS with the British nanny voice, led us badly astray on the way to the state park. For some reason the database does not include the only road that leads to the park entrance, and so she sent us down a one-lane dirt road called "CR-1a" which intersects no other roads and essentially goes nowhere for about a hundred miles. We realized we were seriously off-route a few miles in, but couldn't turn around.

A local came by in a pickup truck and we flagged him down. Apparently we were in the middle of an enormous ranch, over a million acres, and if we stayed on CR-1a we would eventually come to Las Vegas NM, which was quite a way north. We continued bumping down the dusty trail for another mile to a spot where it seemed we might be able to turn around, and executed a complex 7-point turning maneuver which involved considerable engine power, and liberal use of 4WD. The trailer is caked with red dust now.

Santa Rosa NM.jpg

Santa Rosa State Park is beautiful, set high above an emerald-green lake formed by the damming of the Pecos River. Unfortunately, rain set in and the temperature dropped, so we didn't spend a lot of time outside. The rain broke only for a few minutes but it was long enough to get some great rainbow pictures at sunset. (See our new windows?)

Santa Rosa NM rainbow.jpg

This area has been in a drought, but it seems to be breaking today. It rained all last night and has been steady all day today. We changed our plans to head up to Santa Fe for a couple of days. We'll be staying in Hyde Memorial State Park tonight, but right now we are roadside to get email. Rich C is already parked at the state park and says as usual there's hardly any cell phone coverage and no Internet.

I'm looking forward to some good southwestern chow tonight. Since it's raining, we may go out for dinner in town. With luck, the weather will improve tonight and we'll get some good photos tomorrow. Santa Fe is beautiful.


"Garminita" ???? Have you crossed paths with Ms. Tioga???

Rich, glad you're enjoying Santa Fe, one of my favorite spots. My folks were there this weekend, and Eileen & I are going in July. Cheers.

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