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Downtown Gunnison

We spent part of today exploring the downtown of Gunnison. It's a small town, but everything is there, from the western outfitters to the old barber shop. Uptown you'll find the newer places such as Wal-Mart and the quickie oil-change place. We stopped to get the oil changed and found ourselves in line behind Rich C's Titan.

I think you can learn something about a town from the architecture you find. In Gunnison, you can find ...

Gunnison victorian.jpg
a beautifully maintained stone Victorian ...

Gunnison hotel.jpg
a colorful former hotel ...

Gunnison studio.jpg
and an industrial-style artist's cooperative, complete with welded steel fence -- all within three blocks.

To me, this indicates a town with vivacity, a sense of community, and history. I'm sure we'd like to live here, if it weren't unbelievably cold and snowy all winter. But we've been warned by locals: this is nothing like "banana belt" Salida, even though the altitude is similar. I can believe it. Each evening we've felt the wind rise and the temperatures plummet. It's nice now, but I don't want to be here in December!


So is Salida sounding better to you?

Future tourist choices in Salida: see simulated gunfights and hangings, and tour a genuine vintage Airstream, including a chat with a magazine publisher ... :-)

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