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Working in the fog

Today was our last day in Henderson Beach State Park. Tomorrow we'll pack up and move 11 miles down the road to Topsail Hill State Reservation to join the rally-ites who are already gathering. We dropped in on Topsail today just to check out the action and saw a wide range of Airstreams: a 16 ft Quiksilver Bambi, a Classic motorhome, a Land Yacht motorhome, a 34 ft Classic trailer, three polished vintage trailers, and others.

Since I spent the day working and nothing exciting happened, I'll just mention a few miscellaneous things.

The mail system I talked about yesterday didn't work perfectly. I didn't account for post-holiday mail delays, and it turned out that at least two packages have not yet arrived, although they should have. We'll take a last look tomorrow morning before we relocate. Worst case, we'll have to drive 20 miles from Topsail Hill to Ft Walton Beach to check over the weekend.

Weather-wise, it has been bizarre. I knew this part of Florida was changeable in the winter, but still the variation from day to day has been surprising. A few days ago it was beach weather. The next two days it was cold enough for hats and winter jackets. Eleanor put the extra apple cider out by our doorstep to keep it cool, but today it warmed up to the point that the cider started to ferment, and a dense fog developed, like the northern California coast. I can hear foghorns off the coast every once in a while.

Redwoods would like this, but the locals sure don't. And there's no telling what is coming this weekend, since the forecasts change every few hours. But it doesn't look great for the rally. Still, everyone is planning to have fun no matter what.

We're listening to The VAP tonight. I made the mistake of calling in to ask the "Panel Pros" (and my good friends) Tim, Rob and Colin what they thought I should do with the 1953 Flying Cloud. So The VAP episode #35 is half about the adventure Rob Baker had trying to retrieve the Flying Cloud, and of course they took the opportunity to rib me a little too.

Back in Charleston SC and in other places we have spotted the "hula man" signs. Go back to the original blog entry for a photo of what I'm talking about. Here's an explanation of those. Thanks to Hunter Hampton for tipping me off.

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