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Mail call!

Today was mail day, which means we drove to the Ft Walton Beach post office to pick up General Delivery of whatever our home post office, friends, and family sent along last week. Every week or two I pick a post office that will be along our projected route, and spread the word. Next week it will be:

Rich Luhr
General Delivery
Ruston, LA 71270-9998

I also let people know the window of availability. In this case, we'll pick up mail on the 10th or 11th, so First Class letters need to be in the mail by Friday this week to be safe.

In today's mail was something I'd been waiting for. You may recall that in Tampa I had to use the last of my "buttonhead" rivets to repair the dump valve bracket. So I had written to our friends Don and Amanda and Donal to ask if they would mail me a small envelope of half a dozen rivets. I knew Don had recently bought a large box of them and would have spares.

Henderson BSP puzzle.jpg

The rivets arrived today, elaborately wrapped as a Christmas present. Now, if you've ever been to Cracker Barrel you'll recognize what they did. It's that insanely infuriating puzzle/game that they put on the tables at every Cracker Barrel, but using rivets as the game pieces. Of course, we love that game and we play it competitively when we stop at Cracker Barrels. So now we have both a handmade version of the game which will remind us of our friends, and a handy rivet storage block.


years ago we used pop rivets for the same game. however, because the points were sharp we cut them off and filed and sanded the ends to prevent ouch and blood loss let alone damage to other surfaces...

Dear Emma,

Hi how are you? I hope you like the game. I like your trailer. We made the game all by ourselves. I hope I will see you soon. I hope you had a good time in Florida.

Love Donal

(actually typed by Donal with only a few questions about spelling "trailer," "ourselves" and "Florida." ;)

So now you don't know if you want to play with your new rivets or use them?

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