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Cribstone bridge

I took a couple of days off from the blog, only because we were in that sublime space between being busy and being relaxed. On Sunday, Adam and I took a long walk around the island and stopped off by the famous cribstone bridge that connects Bailey Island to Orr's Island.

Bailey Island cribstone bridge.jpg

This bridge takes the stress of tides, ice, wind, and vehicles without any fasteners. It's basically a big pile of stacked granite -- the only such bridge in the world.

Bailey Island bridge construction.jpg

It's quite narrow, and a real experience if you're towing a trailer over it, as we did two years ago. It's also the only way to get to Cook's Restaurant, which is a worthwhile destination for lobster.

Bailey Island Cooks.jpg

Now we are back in Vermont and back in the Airstream. Trip planning is underway for the next six months. Bert & Janie are still planning to meet us in Pennsylvania in a few weeks (right now they are in Maine near Mt Katahdin). Before we leave we will probably go to GSM Vehicles in Plattsburgh to look at the '52 Cruiser, and Montreal. We've also got stops in southern Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maryland, but everything is still fluid right now.


Thanks for the pictures of the cribstone bridge! It may be low-tech, but it's neat -- and it works! In the close-up photo, it looks like one of the beams seen end-on isn't fully supported ... would you drive your Airstream over this bridge again? :-)

On another note, I hear that Vermont is nice this time of year ;-)

great photos of cribstone. its a beautiful sight to see, as is all of the maine coastline. my favorite is rockland breakwater. the best food experience is the Dolphine restuarant, if you get a chance, try the scallops , so divine.

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