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Last day in San Diego

One last day in San Diego before we hit the road again. It has been great here, and I’m sure we will return. The past week of downtime has given us a chance to reflect on what we are doing, but surprisingly there isn’t much we want to change about our trip at this point. Mostly the week’s hiatus gave us a chance to think about what to do next, and so we’ve come up with some really interesting plans that I’ll tell you about later.

Mike took us over to Cabrillo National Monument for a tour, as promised. I was amazed at the stunning panoramic views of San Diego available from Point Loma!

San Diego pano.jpg

The monument is more than one might expect. There’s a very interesting interpretive center with history of Cabrillo’s explorations up the California coast, a Visitor Center with the awesome view, a lighthouse, grey whale-watching area, and more. While we were there, a group of docents were giving talks in period costume. It was a great visit, which we topped off with a Mexican dinner and ice cream with Mike and Terry.

Mike in fresnel.jpg
Mike looks through a fresnel lens in the Visitor’s Center.

Sam Halderman, who we met in Borrego Springs, reports via email that the winds along I-8 to El Centro were fierce today. He thinks we’ll find better towing conditions on Friday. If we get out there and the wind is still high, we’ll have to slow down or even find a spot along the way to park overnight.

I’ve noticed that the rear curbside tire of the Airstream has lost a lot of air this week. We definitely have a slow leak. Mike will help me take it off tomorrow and we’ll probably bring it over to the local tire shop in the morning before we hit the road. Much better to deal with it here than before we get out in the desolate stretches of I-8 in eastern California and Arizona.