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Scam: A blog reader reports

I heard from someone about our scammer:

we also got scammed by this velecia farmer person from hampton va. there are other names involved; fred johnson of freegate delivery in hampton va., janet collar – the original emailer, and bill crush – janets landlord. they also threatened us with contacting the fbi.

also to let you and your readers know we were using a web site called we were trying to sell a boat motor. we have reported this to numorous authorities and we are hoping something is going to be done. the scammers are still emailing us but we are not replying because that is what the attorney generals office suggested. if you have any ideas they are welcome.
thank you for your attention.

The only suggestion I can make is to either ignore the email scams, as the Attorney General’s office suggested, or waste the scammer’s time and money by accepting their check and then just throwing it away. If enough people did that, perhaps the scammers would be discouraged.

The end of the scam?

Sad news. I’m afraid Aunt Abel has scared off our scammer with her snippy demand for payment. The promised second check that was sent via UPS was apparently lost, and the scammer has gone silent on us. Last email from our scammer,

a.k.a. Richard Williams
a.k.a. Dr Lilian Williams
a.k.a. Velecia Farmer
a.k.a. Johnson Cole
a.k.a. John Kinsey
a.k.a. Calvary Shipping Kompany
a.k.a. COSCO Shipping
a.k.a Alvaro Mendoza

… was November 3, five days ago.

Farewell, scammer. We’ll miss you. But I’m sure you’ll still be out there, somewhere, trying to fleece people of their money.

Scam: Where’s my check?

Our scammer is squirming under the pressure of Ayre’s relentless Aunt Abel Avion:

From: richard williams
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 07:49:07 -0800 (PST)

what do you mean by that?i am richard williams and my
accounttant sent the check so why are you asking me
all those questions,pls let me hear from Ayer and let
him tell me whats going on.


And Aunt Abel replies:

WHERE IS THE CHECK? It has not arrived. Tell your accountant to track the UPS shipment. It is lost. Send another check or I’m calling off this deal.

Abel Avion

PS: Ayres is still in the hospital and not doing well. Dr. Valterra says he needs enzyme treatments, and Dr Byam says he may have to be caravanned over to the Blooberray Regional Medical Center.

Scam: A web of lies

Our scammer(s) are getting tangled up in their own web of lies. A couple of days ago I received another notice from another shipping company. The first one, as you may recall, was supposedly from Cosco Shipping Lines. Here’s the second one:


Hello Ayers Reem,

How are you doing today..this is calvary shipping kompany.we represent Dr williams in shipping of his goods he buy in abroad..we will like to confirm if this name is you real name and your contact address.writting below..

Ayres T Reem
[address deleted]

If this is your full info kindly email us back to let us no so will can come over to your location and have the items ship to his client.

Also Dr williams said you are the one that will send us our will we also like to comfirm that from you .so will can send you the information you will use in sending the money to us via..westernunion money transfer.
will be expecting your reply soon.


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Wow, that’s believable … NOT! (“shipping kompany”?)

However, we got an interesting break. UPS managed to lose the package with the second check! As of this morning it has not been delivered and UPS cannot account for it on their tracking page. It was last seen in Louisville three days ago. Plus, our scammer is getting nervy again by threatening the Feds. So Ayre’s aunt took the opportunity to push back a little:

This Ayres’ Aunt Abel again … I am very concerned. I just found out that the first check you sent him wasn’t good, and today checked UPS and found that the second check you keep promising is “missing”. That’s what UPS said when I tracked the number you sent. Are you going to send a check or not?

And Ayre’s cousin says someone has been sending him messages threatening to talk to the FBI and CIA about this. Who is Johnson Cole? Who is Velecia Farmer? Who is John Kinsey? You need to decide where the money is supposed to be sent because I can’t tell from all the names you have sent, and I am supposed to help Ayres sell his car while he is in the hospital.

But first tell me where the check is. It has not been delivered and if you don’t send a check right away I’m going to tell Ayres to sell his car to someone else.

Let’s see if we can get the scammer to send a third check at his expense!

Scam: the CIA investigates?

I am getting the sense that the scammer is more than one person. The message always follows a certain format but the spelling and grammar vary dramatically. I wonder if there is a sort of team out there (similar to a customer service phone bank) handling these inquiries in a team fashion. If so, this would certainly be worthy of Federal investigation since it would cross state lines and involve large sums of money in aggregate.

Today the scammer threatens us with the FBI and CIA. We’ve also gotten another new name in the game, “Johnson Cole”.



AM johnson the remitter to issued out payment for the items you want to sell for Dr williams…i really want to confirmed if payment have been recieve..and i want to know the update of this payment…if you have cash it …and send the remaining balance to the mover….who are to handle the pickup of the items am paying for..kindly please get me updated of the following listed below

[usual blah blah blah deleted here]

I would be glad to read from you ….cuz there is something going on in which am asking this…and this have been in care of the FBI and the CIA…in hwihc they as me to confirm this first from you before they start there own personal investigation..kindly give and update about this..

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Note to scammers: It really doesn’t lend credibility (if you are pretending to be a shipping company) to have a Yahoo or Hotmail email address which puts a little ad line at the bottom of every email.

So much for Mr. Nice Guy of yesterday, who was so concerned about Ayres’ health. I think his bauxitis is about to take a massive turn for the worse. Our response:

This is Ayres’ aunt. My name is Abel Avion. Ayres is still in the hospital and very sick. We are worried about him. The doctors say he has more than Bauxitis, he has Monocoque too. They think he may be oxidizing. He will be in the hospital for a few more days at least while they treat him. He is on massive doses of nuvite but so far still feels dull and listless.

He told me he was expecting a check from you and asked me to watch for it, but I have not seen it yet. When it comes I will try to get it cashed for him and follow your instructions.

Abel Avion

A new name for our scammer

Our scammer is back, with a completely different attitude and some new information:


how are you and your family?Hope cool?Sorry for the
long silence,it was due to my job type and i got a
message from my courier that the check was delayed for
security reasons.My accountant contacted me today with
the tracking number of the check sent via ups
(Tracking number#1Z224R840192210258)The check should
get to you today or tomorrow,so i urge that you get
check cash and send the overpayment of $2,000 via
western union money transfer as stated earlier to my
mover who will come for the shipping/moving of the
item as soon as he gets the money.This is the
information needed to send the money via western union
money transfer

John Kinsey
302 ash dr,
TN 38544,
U.S.A .

Kindly get back to me with the senders full name and
address,MTCN#, and exact amount sent.
You are to send a Total sum of $1,800 and the $200
excess fund is to be used as western union charges
and you keep the change for the stress i mhave put you
My mover/shipper will contact you as soon as
possible.Looking forward to doing more business with
you in the nearest future.
Thanks and have a wonderful day.


“Have a wonderful day”? Concern for the family? “Keep the change for the stress …”? Wow, such a change from “I will invite the appropriate authorities” a couple of weeks ago. Is our scammer going soft on us?

But most interesting is that the latest UPS package is coming from Cookville, TN and the funds recipient has changed to John Kinsey, also of Tennessee. Unlike Velecia Farmer of Hampton, VA (our last funds recipient), Mr. John Kinsey appears to be a real person. He has a phone number in that name at that address. But I can’t say if he really sent this latest fake check or if he is just being used. I’m tempted to give him a call, but what would I say? “Are you a lying miserable scammer or just an innocent victim?”

Google Earth users can see his suburban location in Tennessee here, but unfortunately Google Earth doesn’t seem to have sufficient resolution in that area to actually see the house.

So we’ll wait for the latest fake check to show up, and scan it for your viewing pleasure. Then Ayres will have his chance to make mischief …

A talk with the scammer

Big things happening on the scam front today. Our scammer started calling Rob around noon. Unfortunately for the scammer, Rob was unreachable until about 6 pm, so the scammer wasted the afternoon calling again and again … eight times in total! No caller ID was available, and we think he may have been using a VoIP (Internet) phone.

Our scammer is a man with a strong foreign accent. He is quite perturbed that he hasn’t received the money yet. Acting as Ayres, Rob told him he was unwilling to send the money via Western Union because he had a police record. Then he said he had lost the transmittal information, and asked him to re-send it.

Then he said the car had been wrecked and asked if the scammer still wanted it. The scammer did assure “Ayres” that he wanted the car. (Let’s keep in mind that we are talking about a 15-year old Honda Prelude with 145,000 miles, which failed inspection due to rust perforation, and now has been reportedly “wrecked.”)

He also didn’t explain how he got “Ayres” phone number. We sent it via email to the “shipping clerk” and somehow “Richard Williams” got the number. Gee, you’d think they were one person!

All told, the conversation took about 10 minutes, and I don’t think our scammer was very happy about it! But the hook is still set deep, and I think we have a shot at occupying his attention for another week or more. So far we’ve wasted nearly four weeks of his time. This started back on September 25.

“Ayres” also mentioned that he was still sick. We think the next step is for him to enter the hospital, before he gets a chance to visit Western Union. Ayres mother, or perhaps his Aunt Abe, will pick up the conversation on Ayres’ behalf.

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