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Healthy inspirations


Our Airstream parked next to Wendy & Bill’s, in their driveway.

Tonight I’m going to stay brief because a better blog is coming to you from Emma. She dictated a blog to Wendimere and it appears on her “Health Chic” blog site.

haines-city-salad.jpgEleanor has been making interesting meals today. She created a really fabulous salad with very complex tastes in it with one of her homemade dressings, for lunch. She told me, “I like cooking around Wendy because she doesn’t think what I’m making is weird.” That really means she’s mixing flavors non-traditionally and that usually means something great is coming.

Emma’s blog entry describes her contribution to lunch as well (also inspired by Wendy), a drink she called “Spear-Refresh.” It’s really delicious. That’s a glass of it in the photo at right. I’ve been drinking it with every meal since yesterday.

Wendy has also had Emma helping with the plants in the garden, painting rain barrels, and playing Scrabble. Having Emma in the Health Chic world has been a great example of “stealth schooling,” which is when Emma learns all kinds of things but doesn’t realize she’s in school.

This evening we got a surprise call from Brett, who was unexpectedly in Orlando for business. So we invited him over for dinner and an evening Scrabble championship: boys versus girls. The guys won, mostly because we managed to use all 7 tiles to spell “DETOURED” and got 50 bonus points.

One maintenance note: the 30-amp power cord supplied with all late-model Airstreams tends to pull loose of its “strain relief” at the male end of the cord. This exposes the insulated wires and will eventually lead to the failure of the electrical connection. The manufacturer of that cord — whoever it is — needs to beef up the way the plug end is attached to the main cable. I’ve seen many of them falling apart, mine included.

So on his way over here, I asked Brett to stop at Camping World and buy a Power Grip replacement plug. He installed it for me in about five minutes, using just a wire stripper and screwdriver. It’s an easy fix and the replacement plug connection is much sturdier than the one it replaces.

Seven Things That We Did In Emma World Heaven

  1. Playing in the snowennis-milkshake.jpg
  2. Gameboy in the car
  3. Dinosaur museum
  4. IHOP for lunch
  5. Milkshake
  6. Popcorn
  7. Movie (“Mr Bean’s Holiday”)

Old West Miniature Village

Today Rich is on vacation from blogging. In his place, Emma has graciously consented to write today’s blog entry.

We went to the miniatures museum and there were some trains you could operate yourself. You just pushed the button and the train goes around and around the models. One of the trains had a little problem. Sometimes when you pushed the button it would go backwards. Then when you stopped it, it wouldn’t go. After a while of pressing finally it would go forward. Then it will go all over again.


Then we went home and we had some leftover ribs from last night’s dinner. Now we are going to have the ribs that are left over from lunch, for dinner again! We bought me a book at Wal-Mart. I am now reading four series of books at a time. I’m reading Magic Treehouse, The Secrets of Droon, Dragon Slayer’s Academy, and some fairy series.

When me and Mom got out of Wal-Mart, it was a wind gust. I practically got swept off my feet and went a while mile faster than I was running!


Emma reports from Thermopolis

The following is a post by Emma.

We went to the Dinosaur Museum. There were brachiosaurus, duckbilled archeopteryx, triceratops, and tyrannosaurus rex skeletons. Then we went back to the trailer, had a snack, and went swimming in the hot spring. It wasn’t that good because there was nothing to see and we were going to go snorkeling. It was just a pool with cement walls and floors with hot spring water in it. It was very dirty with bugs (dead) too. Mom didn’t come to the hot spring because the smell made her nauseous.

The train went by twice today. It was very loud and very long.

Then we went into town. There wasn’t much. It was very quiet and everything was closed. Then we came back to the trailer and Mom made tacos and plantains while we just wrote this blog.


Part of Emma’s collection of Junior Ranger badges  

Emma’s Halloween

[Editor’s note: The following post was dictated by Emma. She is describing her experiences in Denver and Colorado Springs around Halloween.)

Emma says I love you DiDi. We are having a great time.

Me and mommy went to a Aquarium and at the end we got to pet some Manta Rays. We could only touch them with two fingers at once. The little manta rays felt like velvet. I wouldn’t touch any of the big ones because they felt like itchy scratchy velvet. I did not like the big ones feel.

When I was sleeping over at my cousin Hannah’s house, um we got to stay up very late and we watched movies all night. It was so cool. Let’s see, in the morning I wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast. Hannah wanted fried egg and we asked for toast with butter and when our butter with toast was served she (auntie Ali) also gave us some grapes. Hannah couldn’t have fried eggs because my scrambled eggs were all ready made. So Hannah got scrambled too. After breakfast we went back down stairs to play dress-up again.

We went to Chuckie Cheeses for lunch. When we got there we first went on a big slide. It was the best slide ever! And we played almost every game in there. Auntie Ali got us balls to take home.

After lunch we want back to their house to get ready to go trick-or treating. Boo!!! Did I scare you? I was a ghost for Halloween. Hannah was a princess. We had such a great time.

Emma’s first post

(Editor’s note: the following is a posting dicated by Emma, age 5.)

Yesterday, we went to a candy shop and there was candy shaped and look like ornaments for your tree. And also there was a taste testing place where you could taste a piece of candy. And there was hundreds of candies.

It was so awesome. Mom even found some candies for her coffee. We missed the tour to see how they make candy.