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Airstream brunch

About 30 miles south of Tucson is the town of Green Valley, where our friends Ken and Petey live three months of the year.   They come down with a different Airstream every year, since they have a collection of vintage ones.   Their collection includes some really spectacular trailers, including a 1948 Airstream Wee Wind, and the one-of-a-kind smallest Airstream ever made, named “Der Kleine Prinz”.


Ken and Petey also have a nice 1965 Airstream Caravel, which they took to the International Rally last summer in Georgia (above).   We went to Puerto Penasco (Sonora, MX) last spring with them, and that time they brought their 1960s-era Globe Trotter.

This weekend we met up with photographer/author  Doug Keister and his wife Sandi at Ken & Petey’s condo for brunch.   You might recall we courtesy-parked at the Keister’s house last November.


Getting together a group with this much vintage trailer knowledge is always interesting.   Brett has owned and restored several vintage trailers and motorhomes.   Ken is habitually restoring trailers, and Doug has written numerous books on vintage RVs.   In fact, his next one is coming out this spring, and we plan to carry it in the Airstream Life store.

It’s also helpful to talk to Doug about photography, since he knows more about it that I’ll ever know.   Together with Bert Gildart, he has convinced me to add a few tools to my camera equipment.   But of course, the real problem is finding the budget.   I’d like to get a spare Nikon digital SLR body, preferably a D80, and I’m still looking for the Nikon 18-200mm VR zoom, the Tokina 12-24mm zoom, and an SB-800 flash.   That’s about $3k in total.   Some day …