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Tucson, AZ

We were sorry to say goodbye to Charles and Lynn, but they sent us off in style with a nice breakfast in their 34 foot Excella. Yes, you can serve breakfast for five on an Airstream dinette — as long as one person is flexible about where they sit.

Patagonia breakfast.jpg

Our travel today was very short. All we needed to do was get down to Tucson, about 60 miles north and 2,000 feet lower in altitude. Because we are expecting a guest, we thought it would be a good idea to find a full-hookup campsite, so we ended up at the sort of place we don’t usually go to: a Big Honkin’ RV Resort.

Here are the specs: 400 sites, 266 pull-thrus. W/E/S at every site, plus cable TV, a Camping World store, a restaurant, “planned activities” (whatever those are), a mobile power-wash that comes to your site to clean your RV for $3 per foot, two swimming pools, and even some sites with personal jacuzzi tubs.

A place like this has nothing to do with communing with nature, or “getting away from it all.” The Big RV Resort experience is about … well, I don’t know what it’s about. It’s certainly not about saving money, since most of our neighbors are in giant Class A motorhomes that cost $100-300k. Our silver trailer sticks out in this fiberglass crowd.

Tucson site.jpg

This week Eleanor and Emma are going to try to hit some of the enormous Tucson gem show going on now all over the city. Emma is a nut for rocks and minerals now, and Eleanor has become a fan of opal since our find on the California coast. I hope to join them at one or two of the venues later this week, work permitting.

Did you guess what the mining equipment in the previous post was? It was a two-seat “sanitary cart.” In other words, it was the toilet. Keep in mind the temperature in the mine runs 46-52 degrees year-round, and those seats are metal. Plenty of reason to keep your bathroom break short.

149 Responses to “Tucson, AZ”

  1. 3ms75argosy Says:

    Whoa! Rich, tell us how you REALLY feel about resorts. Yes, we all like getting away from it all, but some of us do enjoy the finer points of relaxing. While we have never stayed at such a huge place, I will admit that I like staying at the “box campground” like the Koa’s around. The children like the pools, the areas are usually very clean, and I don’t have to worry about some of the unsavory types we sometimes get at state parks. Besides, those of us with limited tank capacity (i.e. vintage folks) NEED full hookups to really stay in one place and go out and enjoy. I actually would enjoy looking at what this place in AZ looks like that you’re staying at. I hope it’s not a big parking lot (as we’ve stayed at these types too, as they’re close to big towns – Pacifica CA comes to mind – not a favorite at all, but a neccessity to stay close to San Fran).

    Anyway, I just emplore you to please keep an open mind – I almost feel insulted for liking some creature comforts at times. I don’t mind reading your opinion of a place, just don’t judge those who may enjoy this type of camping.
    Enjoy your travels!

  2. 3ms75Argosy Says:

    Ok – maybe I’m tired (I’ve been up 24 hrs because of work). Maybe you weren’t being so harsh. Anyway, we did stay in Newport Dunes (the closest to resort that we’ve been camping) and did find it amusing with all the 40ft Class A’s and all the toys (golf carts, Porsche’s, etc) that they bring. Yes, it’s not my style – no, I don’t want all that (well, maybe just the tiger stripped golf cart with leather seats, and some of those Monarch Class A’s are nicer than my home….NO MUST RESIST!!), but I enjoy watching it all with bemusement as I enjoy the heated pools and jacuzzi’s.
    Anyway, please post pics!

  3. Rich Luhr Says:

    Hey Marc — I understand. Actually, you’ve given me food for thought. We don’t “get” the big resort attraction right now, but many people do, so there’s clearly something there to explore. Our trip is about trying new things and learning, so we will approach this place as we do all other places: with an open mind. We’ll find what’s nice about the Big Resort and share it with all the blog readers.

    I will post pictures soon!