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About the people here

It’s a rare day that I post twice, but Bert & Janie showed up with my camera and so I had to rush down to the coffee shop to upload photos of Big Bend for you (which you can see by clicking the Pictures link to the left), and to mention a few other things.

I have posted my essay on the plight of the people of Boquillas Mexico. You can find that by clicking the “Gather” link to the left. I think their story is interesting and I hope you’ll enjoy the essay.

Boquillas Victor.jpg
Victor Valdez, lifetime resident of Boquillas Mexico, singing by his handmade walking sticks

The other thing is simply that we keep meeting great people and I want to mention some of them. Besides, David, who I mentioned earlier today (below), we have met the McLravys of Lansing Michigan, who are traveling in their Airstream Land Yacht. Yvonne McLravy is quite a good self-published author, who gave me two of her books. I was up late last night reading her account of traveling Alaska’s Inner Passage, a trip we plan to do in the next couple of years. She may contribute some writing to the magazine in the future.

We also met Carol McNair, who is the general manager of the campground we are staying in. She dropped by today to say she is a big Airstream fan and owner of an Excella herself. She is one of those folks who stopped in Terlingua for a visit (four years ago) and just never left. Carol is also a subscriber to the magazine, which always warms my heart…

So between the new photos and the Gather essay, there is a lot of content for you to browse today. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. We’re off for a hike in the Chisos Basin now.

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  1. mike&tracy Says:

    Hpoe we pass muster…Don’t know if this is the correct milieu to contact you all, but…We haven’t been able to go on line since we met you guys in Tucson, but we enjoyed catching up on your quest. We’re in Brenda, AZ, after leaving Quartzite via Apache Junction…WINDY yesterday, so we just drove 12 miles and stopped…mike&tracybertch