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Base Camp!

Emma is better, thank you. She spent the afternoon in bed and didn’t want to eat or even watch a movie, so we knew she was really feeling poorly. On the other hand, it’s the only time we can snuggle her for more than a minute or so, and have adult conversations without being interrupted by a puppet show … There’s nothing like a virus to take the edge off a kid!

Now she’s back to her usual bouncy self, and off shopping with her mother. I’m left here with a lot full of new Airstreams to check out — such a tragedy. Today I poked my head into the new Airstream Base Camp. It’s a very cool thing, sort of a miniature toy hauler with a little kitchen. It can be pulled by several small SUVs and carry a pair of motorcycles, a four-wheeler, or sleep a few friends. It’s a real eye-catcher in red.

AOI basecamp ext.jpg
Cute little toy hauler

AOI basecamp.jpg

Tom and Donna, who are the lead salespeople in this dealership, spent part of the morning chatting with me about Airstreams and showing me some of the new models. They’ve become Airstreamers themselves, as a result of having this job, which is always a good thing. I think the best dealerships are managed by people who actually use the product themselves.

AOI sales.jpg

I also checked out the new Airstream 23-footer. This is a neat unit, kind of like a Bambi but more usable and with plenty of cool features. I think that one is a winner. In general Airstream has put more emphasis on the shorter trailers lately, and so there are many more floorplans 25 feet and under to choose from than there were just a few years ago.

We’ll be here on Saturday but heading south on Sunday, toward Mammoth Cave National Park.

2 Responses to “Base Camp!”

  1. Krista Gable Says:

    Thanks for the views of Base Camp. Awesome! I’d like to look at one of those up close (in person). I wonder – I’ve seen the floorplan on the Airstream website – think they’ll let some of us suggest alternate floor plans? I still believe a wet bath should be inside. Things just need to be re-arranged a bit.

  2. Andy Goodspeed Says:

    Does the taper on the windows and roofline (shorter at the front, taller at the sides) give an optical illusion that the trailer is longer than it actually is to someone standing in the back?
    I suppose it’s subjective, some people will be more sensitive to it than others depending on what lines or features they focus on. Still, check it out next time you see one.