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Although this is a photogenic place, I have been slacking off with my camera because Randy is himself a professional photographer (as is his brother Brad, both of them following in their father’s footsteps). He has been documenting our visit for me and emailing me the results, which makes blogging much easier for me.

In particular he has been taking a series of photographs about my mobile office lifestyle.   Over the years I have perfected the way I work “on the road,” as well as the equipment I use and the mental approach I take to getting it done.   Randy thinks this is interesting, and so occasionally I’ve been called upon to pose with one thing or another (my computer, a FedEx envelope, my phone).   I have no idea what will become of these photos.


It feels like we are the top of all New York here. Randy and I went out for a short bike ride around the block, and from here every direction you can ride is down, which means that the return involved some steep pedaling back up. But it has been spectacular weather with endless vistas, and a tiny bit less humidity, so the rewards of the ride were equal to the challenges.

cazenovia-rich-working.jpgMost of the day was tragically given over to work for me and homeschooling for Eleanor and Emma. Still, almost any task seems pleasant when done inside the Airstream on a gorgeous sunny day with all the windows and doors wide open to the gentle breeze. As you can see, things are very green and we are situated with a million dollar view.


We’re also situated right on the path for low-flying aircraft. It seems that Randy has called every pilot he knows and they have been doing fly-bys regularly. This morning we had a rather exciting visit by a Lancair, which is a very slick and fast aircraft. In the photo above you can see that the aircraft is somewhat below the perspective of the photographer, and I can assure you that it was demonstrating something close to its full cruise speed of 276 MPH as it whizzed by. Later in the day a vintage biplane came by too, did a few turns, and buzzed away like a giant bumblebee. It’s like being at an airshow here, which is great as far as I’m concerned.

Unfortunately our day was marred by another migraine. Eleanor was laid low in the late afternoon and evening. At this writing she is somewhat improved but if things don’t get better by morning we may delay our departure. Our trip plan calls for a fairly long drive tomorrow and I’d rather not even start if there’s a chance Eleanor will be miserable as we go. We’ve let Eleanor relax alone in the trailer this evening, while outside the kids did their kid things, another remote-control airplane was crashed into the field, and pizza was served for dinner.

I got to spend some time on the porch talking with Randy and Brad about Airstream things, and heard a few tidbits about their father Ardean Miller III. I was particularly interested to hear that he liked to nap in the Airstream every day. Randy confesses to the same habit now. I’ve been a not-so-secret Airstream napper for a long time, and it’s good to hear that other people share the joy of an afternoon snooze in their little aluminum cocoons.

One Response to “Fly-bys”

  1. abe Says:

    Wow! Great photos! The Lancair is my favorite, I can almost see the smile on the pilots face!!!
    Rich it appears that you are running out of planes to fly or um crash 🙂