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Campin’ in Cherry Creek


I like this place. Cherry Creek State Park is an oasis right next to Denver, in Aurora. It’s a few thousand acres of land and reservoir with bike trails, camping, wildlife, and yet very convenient to everything that the Denver area offers. Beautiful landscape. This is sort of Denver’s version of Central Park in Manhattan.

It’s odd to be able to hear the I-225 highway just outside the park, but in here see mule deer and great horned owls. We spotted both last night on our half-hour walk before sunset. I’ve never seen a great horned owl before, and its gentle hooting reminded me that I heard one in the pre-dawn hours the night before when we were camped in Nebraska. For me, that’s the best possible sound to hear outside my window in the night. I love owls.

Mule deer, on the other hand, strike me as sort of ugly. But they were thrillling to Eleanor and Emma anyway. And in this park, they are nearly tame. You can see them everywhere, and they don’t run away at the sight of humans.

It’s also peculiar to me to encounter a state park with full-hookup campsites. In Vermont, none of the state parks even have electricity. Here, the campsites are paved with pink concrete pull-throughs, and as a result it attracts the biggest of the big 5th wheels and Class A motorhomes. With our 30-foot Airstream we look positively tiny.

Today I must be realistic and work a full day, and probably also Saturday. Fortunately, we have excellent Internet and cell phone service here, and the post office is just 5 miles away. It’s a good spot to catch up on work.

If the weather holds (meaning, no snowstorms) we will stay through Halloween. We have friends all over this area and relatives in Colorado Springs. The time will pass quickly.

Where should we make our next stop? We need to be in Eugene OR by Nov 10, but between Nov 1 and Nov 10 our time is our own. We need a nice place to stop, with electricity, and relatively safe from snowstorms, between here and Eugene. Any suggestions?

3 Responses to “Campin’ in Cherry Creek”

  1. Jack Swick Says:

    Congratulations and safe travelling for your adventure. It will be the trip of a life time especially for your daughter. What an experience!

    We, my wife and I, are about to start doing some long trips with our 1980 31 Excella and will be watching your website with great interest.

    I am shopping for a vehicle to replace our 1999 Suburban and I have considered the Nissan Armada and/or Titan. Seems that you made a good choice for a tow-vehicle.

    Are you going to keep a vehicle log?

    The photos are outstanding as well.

    Enjoy, make memories,

    Jack Swick
    Midland, Ontario, Canada

  2. Rich Says:

    Hi Jack,

    I really like the Nissan Armada. We’ve only had it about two months, but once we had completed the break-in, I challenged it with everything I could and it has performed very well.

    I don’t plan to keep a vehicle log, but I am scrupulous about oil changes and maintenance.

    Best of luck in your own adventures!

    — Rich

  3. Aaron The Truck Driver Says:

    Hi there.

    If you haven’t made it past Little America yet (on i80) you could visit Lava Hot Springs Idaho – on HWY 30.

    Its about 40min south of Pocatello and HWY30 is the exit after Little America on i80
    Its only $5 and there is ample parking.
    I’m not sure about RV parks in the area.

    Good Luck!

    and a little tip. If your not in a hurry, get off that 4 lane highway! The good stuff to see is on the two lane “why did we take this route” road!