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Capitol Reef National Park, UT

(Still in Utah, Karen!)

torrey-ut-slackers.jpgI’m a bit rushed in posting this blog entry because I am sitting in Slacker’s Burger Joint (“shakes & ice cream”) in Torrey UT, 11 miles from the campground in Capitol Reef, and my milkshake has already melted.   I don’t think they will toss me out on account of that, but still it feels like I should have completed all my online business before the end of the shake.

Because I am in a rush, it is hard to summon the superlatives that can adequately describe what we’ve seen in the past two days.   Southern Utah is amazing.   It is beautiful.   It is filled with endless opportunities for exploration, and best of all it is uncrowded.   I feel incredibly lucky to be here right now and although we are going to be in Utah for at least another 10 days, we are already talking about coming back.

When I have more time I will post a Flickr album of some of the sights and let you see what I’m talking about.   Just the drive up from Natural Bridges through a narrow section of Canyonlands and up to Capitol Reef, was magnificent.

capitol-reef-petroglyphs.jpgAs everyone predicted, Capitol Reef is a great park.   We took it fairly easy yesterday, attending a 3 p.m. ranger talk about petroglyphs, meeting some new friends (Bob and Donna, great people), checking out the Visitor Center, eating pie from the historic farmhouse, and attending the 8:30 ranger talk at the Amphitheater.   The latter item involved old time fiddling music and dancing — by us, the audience — while bats flew overhead eating up all the bugs.

capitol-reef-grand-wash-hike.jpgThe rest was good for Emma’s ankle, but we didn’t want to be burned out on hiking when we get to Bryce Canyon in a few day, so today we did just one easy hike down a dry canyon to a section of “narrows” where the red sandstone towered about 300 feet above us. The roundtrip was about 2.5 miles.   The rest of the time we’ve been cruising the 9-mile scenic drive, trying some of the dirt side roads down winding canyons, and now checking out Internet in nearby Torrey.

We’ve decided to stay a third night at least in Capitol Reef, so I’ll have to commute into town daily for an Internet fix, but that’s not much of a price to pay.   This place deserves to be savored a bit more.

3 Responses to “Capitol Reef National Park, UT”

  1. Rita Says:

    If you drive just a little bit further to the town of Bicknell, Verizon has good coverage there.

    There is also a nice rv park on the right just before Bicknell, a Good Sam park, that has free wi-fi that works well. In case you need to do laundry or have hookups for a day or two.

  2. Leïla & Bruno ACCART Says:

    Hi Rich & your family;
    I see you know how to appreciate good times… airstream life is not only running and running with an Airstream, so you have to stop from time to time, as you do in drinking peacefully your milk shake… looking at the other people running… and we can call that good time.

    Best regards from France.

    Leïla & Bruno

  3. sadira Says:

    Oh…you’re going to Bryce Canyon? I tell you…I keep saying that I want to go out that way and camp, I’m going to have to just load up in the car and drive out! That and the hot air balloon festival!! That sounds like a blast!