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Thursday night tweaking

Tonight we are concentrating on lighting. Some of it’s just fun stuff, some of it is practical.

Last year we installed some cool blue neon tell-tales in our 1977 Argosy project. They lit up when the outside step light or patio light was on, so we wouldn’t forget to shut them off at night. I loved those blue lights. So Brett found some nice little amber LEDs and wired those into the switches of this 2005 Airstream. Cool!

Thursday LED light.jpg

We also changed one of the lights over the bed. Airstream installs a omni-directional light in the ceilings of the new Safaris. When I come to bed late at night and Eleanor is already sleeping, I often use a flashlight to read so I don’t disturb her. But for some reason, Airstream installed a very fine directional halogen lamp in Emma’s bedroom area. In fact, because Emma’s bedroom area has two bunks, she has three. So we swapped one of her unused halogen lamps for my omnidirectional incandescent. Now I can read at night and the light will only hit my book.

In fact it worked so well that Eleanor want us to do the same thing with her bedside lamp. We’ll hit that job a bit later. Brett has been so enthused by the success of these little upgrades that he is bubbling over with ideas. We’ll have to pick through them to decide what we can do over the next few days.

I’ve been too busy working the past few days to get out and explore Tampa. But a list is developing, and once Eleanor is back on Monday I hope we have some fun. Not far from here are Ybor City (a historic Cuban district), Big Cat Rescue, all the Clearwater beaches, and lots more. I am hankering for some Cuban food, too.

Discount lawyers.jpg
Sign of the week: Are these the guys you use to sue discount stores?