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Tips for new weblog visitors

A lot of people have been visiting this weblog in the past couple of days, so let me give you some tips on how to get the most out of it.

First off, we’re still developing the site, so a few features are not fully operational. Our Gather essays are just getting started, for example. The Store is not running yet, but will be soon.

We plan to add a webcam in the next month or two, which will show current pictures of where we are, and sometimes what’s going on at the trailer.

We also are trying to figure out how to add a map so you can see where we’ve been.

Of course, I’ll be adding a lot more pictures and blog entries as we travel. Bookmark this page: and check it every day or two. That’s how often we will be updating it. Eleanor plans to start contributing blog entries soon, so you’ll hear from her as well.

If you have a question for either of us, just click the “Comments” link at the bottom of any daily blog entry. Fill out the form and I’ll get an email with your comments. After I read your comments, they will show up on the weblog for other people to see. If you want to comment privately, just tell me in your note and I’ll make sure it doesn’t get posted on the web.

Enjoy! Feel free to ask questions anytime, and let us know if we might cross paths. We love to hear from you!

4 Responses to “Tips for new weblog visitors”

  1. Lynne and Dennis Freeman Says:

    We live in rural California and are enjoying your tour very much. Good luck on your travels.

  2. James and Joan Belluomini Says:

    Just cauht up on your weblog. It is interesting in the fact that my wife and I are just about to leave on much the same type of trip, leaving from our home in Olympia WA and travelling southward and then eastward for the next eight months or so. Maybe we will catch site of each other. We have a 30’silver and black Land Yacht Motor home. Happy travels.

  3. Charles and Lynn Spiher Says:

    We’re enjoying each entry since you kicked off from Jackson Center. Your writing style, like Kuralt, Steinbeck, and Ratzenburger, is descriptive, yet thoughtful (steaming cow patties in Iowa ?). We are, however, anticipating a little less Rich and a little more Eleanor. Can an Emma blog, for age six and under, be created in the home school curriculum ?

  4. Lou Says:

    I hope you will let us know when Eleanor starts her entries. I would enjoy that very much. And I agree that Emma should be able to put her ideas down from the “homeschool” too! It will be good even if it is just a sentence or two with help.