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See you on the road!

With great regret, I’m closing the Tour of America blog today.   This blog was started to document our 6-month voyage in an Airstream trailer, back in October 2005.   The trip exploded into a life-changing experience of three years, and I have to admit that it got way beyond what I ever envisioned.   (If you’re just discovering this blog for the first time, dig through the Archives and you’ll learn a lot about the traveling lifestyle.)

But now we   are done with the full-time lifestyle and embarking on the next course.   Instead of writing about travel most of the time, I’m going to turn my attention to other things.   So this blog is being closed, to preserve it as a record of this phase of our lives, and a new blog is being opened.

I spent weeks trying to figure out a name and theme for the new blog.   I wanted to convey the idea that we would be continuing to explore life, tasting new dishes, hiking new trails, making mistakes, and hopefully growing along the way.   Finally, I went to a large bookstore and wandered the aisles looking at book titles for inspiration.

Popular book titles tend to be aggressive or provocative.   I suppose this helps with sales, but I didn’t want a title that had too much “attitude” or was negative.   Actual book titles like “Losing The Race,” “Jihad vs. McWorld,” “Cold New World,” and “Bait and Switch,” were depressing.   I was also trying to avoid a title that implied a pat solution or closure to anything, since I have no idea where the new blog will go.   I don’t have to sell anything, and I want the blog to reflect a positive outlook on life.

I finally settled on an inspiration from our neighbors, the Tohono O’odham people who live in southwestern Arizona.   I think it encapsulates the concepts I want to talk about in the months to come:   the progression of life, striving for betterment, choices, ideas, and learning.   The new blog will be called, “The Man In The Maze,” and you’ll find it by clicking here.

I’ll explain the name and concept further in the new blog.   Right now the blog contains only a placeholder entry, but I plan to write every few days at least.   I’ll talk about new ventures we are exploring (as much as I can without violating confidentiality), the process of raising our daughter, food, photography, our travels, the southwest, and whatever else strikes me.   And yes, I’ll even talk about ukuleles occasionally.   (Sorry Dr. C, but remember, you’re getting this for free.)

Comments will still be permitted on every entry of this blog, so feel free to add your thoughts to anything you read in the Archives.   I hope the Tour of America continues to provide inspiration and assistance to thousands of RV travelers for years to come.   Thank you all for sticking with us this far.   See you on the road!

1,633 Responses to “See you on the road!”

  1. Ag Sag Says:

    Thanks for leaving behind a reference book about travel, life on the road and all those many things you shared.

    Bill, Beth & Bear

  2. Judy Hazen Says:

    We both loved your “Tour” blog, which we only started following this summer. (I had a lot of catch-up reading to do!) We understand the feeling of moving back into “so much space” after a long trip. The first few days I seem to walk in circles trying to get anything done. On the road our A/S IS our home. When on a long trip we would often have well meaning friends invite us to stay with them “to take a break from that little trailer.” What – leave our cozy space with our own closet, our own beds and pillows and bathroom? Only true “streamers” understand.
    We look forward to your new blog…Judy and Fred Hazen

  3. Laurie Says:

    Since I also started reading the blog recently, if I have a question about some place you have stayed or done will there be a opportunity to ask it?

    And why do people get offended that you want to stay in your A/S when visiting????

    Thanks for a nice way to spend a few moments in the day.


  4. Rich Says:

    Laurie, I’ll try to respond to questions as I can, as long as they are specific. I often get emails from people asking me for the equivalent of a guidebook on a place (“please email me with information on the campground and things to do in the area”) and I don’t respond to those. But I don’t mind answering straightforward questions when I have time.

    As far as staying in the Airstream, we’ve encountered the phenomenon that Judy & Fred wrote about, too. People who don’t live the lifestyle can’t believe that we can be more comfortable in our Airstreams than we would be in their house. They don’t understand that the trailer is truly our home, and that moving out to spend a night in their house is actually an inconvenience!

  5. Randy Says:

    Thankyou Rich, Elenor, and Emma for stopping by and sharing wonderous times with us..(.remember I never asked you to stay in the house). One night when i looked out in the backyard I watched the firelight dance along the sides of your silver home….I knew you were cozy and warm… blessed us with your stories and kind words…you blessed us with the promise of adventure…thankyou.

  6. terry Says:

    Rich, it’s been a good run for this blog. Expanding a 6 month tour expected to last only the first winter into a 3 year long odyssey is a success any way you want to look at it. The rest of us who spend a lot of time traveling or on the road can look to this blog for encouragement when mobile life starts to overwhelm us.

  7. Michael & Tracy Bertch Says:

    Kinda like a great book…when it’s ended, you have those conflicting feelings…satisfaction at a pleasant mind experience, and sadness because you know the trip is over…the greatest pleasure is knowing that the sequel now begins…thanks, good people, for sharing yourselves.

  8. Leïla & Bruno ACCART Says:

    Thank you for sharing your life in your Airstream;
    thank you to have given us some times when you were “busy, busy, busy”, at home ( we have to invite you this time !!!!).
    thank you by advance fot the next time we ‘ll meet you… (this end of year, we ‘ll make a trip on the south Texas ans Louisiana… ).

    Encore merci !

  9. nanceanne Says:

    Thanks Rich, Eleanor and Emma for showing us the fun and adventure in “Airstreaming”! It has been great to wake up with a cup of coffee and a smile – seeing an inside view of America and what she has to offer. Best wishes on your new adventure.

  10. James Dodds Says:

    We will miss Tour of America Rich.
    But hope we will see you at some of the 4CU rallies

  11. Roger Says:

    Thank you for letting me live vicariously for these many years. Upon retirement (7 years) my wife and I hope to be able to do our own ‘Tours’. Thanks for leaving an outline for us to expand upon.

  12. Robert Says:

    Hey Rich Eleanor and Emma,

    What a great trip and inspiration. Its been a blast following you fine folk and even seeing you in person from time to time.

    Maybe I’ll even see you at the All Souls Procession November 9th. No Airstream required.

  13. Rich Charpentier Says:


    Welcome to the “semi-stationary” club. I’ve been in Prescott over a year now with very limited travel, but still living in my Airstream. Hey, I think I’m still a full-timer that way. But the lack of travel is a bummer at times.

    Well, we’ll have to do an Anza-Borrego trip to exercise our trailers in February!

  14. Terry & Greg Says:

    Rich, Eleanor and Emma…

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures with us all…we are all better because of them. And now that you’ve “landed” in Tucson for a spell, we hope to see more of you in person and maybe even share some local adventures in SoAz.

    Even though you may not be rolling as much, you can still travel well!

  15. F. M. Cox Says:

    I am sad that your blog is ending. Please leave your archives as they are. I continue to refer back to them and will continue to do so for as long as they are available. Your archives are such a wonderful resource. Will Airstream Life continue under your leadership? I haven’t seen a post related to it since August 25.

  16. Rich Says:

    Yes, the magazine will continue! I’m only wrapping up this blog. I plan to continue as Editor & Publisher of Airstream Life magazine, and we’ll still be seen on the road from time to time, too!

  17. Louise Says:

    Best of luck, Rich. We hope to see you again sometime and have more time to get to know all three of you. I’m sure whatever phase of life you are in, you will write about it with grace and humor!

  18. kelli mcdill Says:

    We were happy to share in your adventures. Our short time on the road was made richer by knowing you all. Best wishes for the new direction your lives are taking.

  19. Tim Vincent Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog it is a pity that your trip has come to an end.