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Vintage Open House

One of my favorite events at a rally is the Vintage Open House. All the owners of trailers 25 years or older throw open the doors to socialize and show off their very cool rigs.

Myrtle vintage openhouse.jpg

Photographically, it’s a great event to attend, but I recommend strong sunglasses on a shiny day. The polished trailers can be hard on the eyes!

Myrtle Bob Clark.jpg
Bob Clark and his 1972 Airstream

We often see familiar people at these events. We haven’t seen the folks below, Janea and Ed Whitacre, since last summer at the International Rally in Springfield MO. I’ve been lusting after their 1972 Globetrotter for years, but I can’t convince them to sell it!

Myrtle Whitacres.jpg
Janea and Ed Whiteacre

I went over to Fred Bothwell’s new toyhauler project. He thinks his cut-down Globetrotter is smaller than the smallest Airstream ever made. No interior yet. It will be perfect to haul his golf cart.

Myrtle Fred Bothwell.jpg

Emma’s evening was spent with the other girls at a pizza party. She says she doesn’t want to leave Myrtle Beach, which is her way of saying she’s had a good week. But tonight we are planning our departure. Tomorrow, we begin heading west …