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Working on The Strip

Eleanor and Emma flew back to Vermont today, for a round of routine doctor and dentist appointments. Eleanor is going to have some allergy testing done to see if she is a candidate for desensitizing injections, or other treatments. Emma is going to go get spoiled by her grandparents, and get her teeth checked.

Note to prospective full-timers. Always remember to remove the bikes from the roof before you go to the airport! Otherwise, you have to park in the “Economy” lot far far away …

I am staying back in Las Vegas to do some work. This week I’ve got meetings at Caesar’s Palace. Brett has flown in to help out, and he’s crashing in the trailer with me tonight, then we are moving to Caesar’s for the next two nights. Since we won’t need the truck, I’m taking the opportunity to drop off the Armada at the Nissan dealer to have the transmission fluid changed tomorrow morning.

So it will not be a wild week of fun, but it’s all part of the adventure in a way. The working life is part of the traveling life, for us.

2 Responses to “Working on The Strip”

  1. Rob Baker Says:

    Oh yeah Rich, like twist my arm to work at Ceasars Palace for a few days! What’s going on, the Airstream Dealers convention! Wish we were there. Push theVAP for us, many dealers do not know about it!

  2. Tom Bentley Says:

    Rich, Red Rock Canyon is only 15 miles out of Vegas, and the Valley of Fire just a little farther. They are both striking examples of red-sandstoned geologic illogic. Check ’em out if you can. And see if you can get any refunds for all the money I dropped at the tables the year I lived in Vegas so many wallets ago…