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Salem, OR

We arrived in Salem yesterday afternoon and immediately were greeted by Rich C and Gunny, both of whom seemed more than ready for some new faces in the RV Resort. That pretty much took care of the afternoon and evening, because there was a lot to catch up on.

This place is loaded with features. Continental breakfast in the morning, movies every evening, ice cream social from 6 to 8 pm on weekends, daily newspaper on the doorstep, game room, hot tub & pool, etc. All free for us, for the price of $33 per night with Good Sam discount. We’re going to try to take full advantage of everything … but today I spent the entire day in the trailer processing subscription renewals and other paperwork.

It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday and this morning, but the heat is building now. We’re expecting 98 degrees on Sunday and 100 on Monday. Remember two weeks ago, when we couldn’t break out of the 60s? That’s a distant memory. This is more like Death Valley, with humidity. Fortunately, the temps are expected to slide down all week. That’s the way Oregon is. Huge swings are commonplace — at night our temps are supposed to plummet 50 degrees. I suspect we’ll be happy we elected to get the 30-amp power option, once we are at the official rally site on Monday.

Gunnys trailer.jpg
Had to borrow Rich C’s tripod for this shot: f4.5, 4 seconds at ISO 800 (exp bias +1.7)

Gunny is parked down the row from us. Tonight he demonstrated his trailer lighting system for us at dusk. It’s pretty fun to watch, especially since it’s under a very cool new Safari 25FB Special Edition. He’s a rebel at 60+ …

A couple of administrative notes: I was finally able to upload some Crater Lake pictures to the Flickr site, after several days of trying. Apparently Flickr doesn’t the intermittency of my cellular connection. Usually I go to a coffeehouse to do big uploads like this, but haven’t had the chance lately. I’ll get more photos up from Lava Lands and Salem next week.

Also, I’ve added an open house to our Schedule page, on Wednesday June 28 at 2 pm. If you’ll be at the International Rally, drop by for a cold popsicle and some chat under our awning. Once I know where we are parked in the maze of trailers at the rally, I’ll post our location. Or, check the locator board for #9990.