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International Rally, Day Four, Part II

OK, a quickie update this evening because I have to go pick up Brett at the airport in Portland soon. I have heard people at Airstreamforums are wondering who is here and what’s up, so here’s a run-down of the forums people who I know:

wheel interested (Carol B)
Maxwell (Shari)
chyde (Colin Hyde)
gadgetat (Rich C)
65GT (but I haven’t seen him yet)

and several others whose handles I don’t know …

As to why there isn’t much news coming back from those folks: we’re having too darned much fun. Internet access at this rally is the best we’ve ever had, which is not saying much, but still an improvement. There’s wi-fi in one of the buildings, and cellular coverage is rock-solid here. I’ve seen Sprint, Verizon, and Cingular setups rolling along very well. But who wants to sit in front of the computer when the sun is shining and there’s a party at every fifth trailer?

Salem vintage 50s butts.jpg

Vintage happy hour was tremendous today, probably the biggest turnout yet. I think nearly a hundred people were there, spilling out from the edges of the tent. There’s a lot of talk about the name change, the state of the vintage club (there’s some political issues there), the Vintage Advantage newsletter (which will have a new editorial team soon), and all the cool trailers here.

We’re all looking forward to the vintage open house tomorrow from 11 to 4. The delegates meeting is scheduled for 8 to 12, which is causing some grief for vintage owners who have a strong interest in attending the meeting. I’ll be in touch with some people who will be attending, via cell phone, to get updates.