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I’ve replaced all six studs and lug nuts on the offending aluminum wheel. The parts store did not have enough lug nuts for the other (steel) wheel on that side, so we are going cautiously proceed without replacing the lugs on that one for now. I’ll be checking torque very often.

Colin Hyde was on the phone this morning with some helpful advice also. It gets detailed, but the gist of it was to be sure the lugnuts were tightened evenly and absolutely on center. I’ve done that.

I did loosen and re-tighten the lugnuts on the steel wheel and found them to be VERY tight. They are now re-torqued to the proper amount. I also checked the other wheels on the driver’s side, which have not been touched by mechanics with air wrenches. All good.

More later if I can get online!

2 Responses to “Fixed?”

  1. Jack Palmer Says:

    Rich, Sorry to hear about losing the tire and the damage to your Airstream, but glad to hear everyone is alright. I had the exact same thing happen to me with my 76 Sovereign. The wheel actually passed me rolling toward an oncomong car. Did damage that looks about like yours. The reason I lost mine was, I used lug bolts on Alcoa rims. I should have installed studs but the factory store said that the bolts were the correct part even though I explained that I was replacing steel rims with newer aluminum rims.I have studs in now and no problems.

  2. Al Says:

    Sorry to read of all your troubles with tires, wheels and wheel studs. Look up or phone them at 1-800-826-3045. Tell them your troubles and maybe they have some suggestions on how to prevent future failures.