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Trip planning for Fall

We have been making plans for the next few weeks. Our obligations are declining for the late summer and fall, and that’s a good thing since it means less running around. But we still have a few things that must be done, and logistical problems to solve.

People often ask how we decide where to go and what to do. With Airstream friends all over the country, family, events, and seasonal changes, we never run out of ideas or places to go. Our bigger problem is figuring out the logistics of how to make it all work and not spend a billion dollars on gas. And when we are going somewhere in peak season, we have to work out places to stay, but we try to avoid crowds so that isn’t often a problem. I prefer to have freedom to meander, and having campground reservations can kill spontaneity.

Speaking of peak season, tomorrow we have to leave Cherry Creek because there are no sites available for the weekend. We’ll head down to Colorado Springs for a while. Next week looks like a work week, with some visiting. On the 9th or 10th we’ll head to the Rocky Mountain Vintage Rally in Creede CO for some fun.

After the rally, we are going to get our bent aluminum fixed at the Airstream factory in Jackson Center OH. It’s right along our route eastward. We should be in Vermont by the week of the 20th, and then we can stay put for a while. The trip eastward will be our last big mileage push for a while, which should be a welcome relief for the fuel budget.

At this point the only major trip from Vermont will be a week in Maine, visiting Adam and Susan. We’ll go across Lake Champlain to Plattsburgh, to visit with Colin Hyde at his restoration shop, and do a few upgrades to the trailer, but that’s just a short hop from home. We may take the trailer up to Montreal too, but again that’s a quick trip.

So that’s how trip planning is done. We just look at what we want to do, what we need to do, and usually a plan presents itself. There’s enough of interest in this country that we rarely have to worry about finding something to do when we get there.