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Belated birthday

It’s too bad Bert and Janie are on a schedule. They need to be in Quebec City soon so they can finish some research there, head to Maine, hike Mt Katahdin, then drive through New Brunswick to Nova Scotia, explore the entire Evangeline Trail and Cape Breton and somehow make it back to Maine before mid-October. That’s a lot of driving, exploring, and research, and in the midst of it they need to be working on their various book, magazine, and photo assignments.

So today Janie stayed in to proof galleys of an upcoming book, while I took Bert around town to show him some of the highlights of Burlington.

Burlington city park.jpg

One of the simple pleasures of Vermont is the Saturday Farmer’s Market. They are held all over the state. In Burlington, our “Queen City”, it was in the City Park. The diversity of food was impressive. I bought some terrific blue gorgonzola from a local farm. We ate most of it before dinner — one of the best blues I’ve ever had. Too bad we can only buy it at the local stores.

Burlington storycorps.jpg

The “Storycorps” Airstream has been parked in the Church Street Marketplace for a while. Next week it heads to Portland, ME. Bert and I checked it out — a 2005 Airstream International 25 shell, with an extra large door to the left of the main door (for handicapped access) and very few windows. GVWR is shown as 7500 lbs.

A friend has been encouraging us to go in and tell our story … We’re considering it. Maybe in Maine.

scaled.Burlington Storycorps Rich.jpg
Rich interviews the Storycorps interviewer. Photo by Bert Gildart.

Emma spent the afternoon on the lake with her Uncle Steve, getting towed around behind the Boston Whaler on an inflatable donut. I hope to be able to post pictures of this later, when I get them out of Eleanor’s camera.

This evening we gathered for dinner on the deck again, and afterward Eleanor brought out a cake she made today: yellow cake with lemon curd filling and butter cream frosting. Excellent! Everyone sang Happy Birthday for me and Janie, since we both had birthdays this month. Emma made me a paper crown to wear, and my parents gave Eleanor and I a gift of dinner at a new local restaurant.

Charlotte singing.jpg

Charlotte cake cutting.jpg