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Tin Can Tourists & Tearjerkers

This weekend the Tin Can Tourists, a vintage trailer club of which we are members, and the Tearjerkers, a club of teardrop trailer owners, had a small rally in Scarborough. We headed down there to visit our friends Zach and Deb, who were staying in the rally campground in their Airstream Westfalia.

Scarborough Shasta.jpg
A vintage Shasta trailer

There were probably a dozen teardrop trailers in attendance, plus two Argosies, a 1969 GM bus with over 2 million miles on it, three Serro Scotties, a couple of Bolers (fiberglass trailers), and a few Shastas.

Scarborough Serro Scotty.jpg
1965 Serro Scotty “Sportsman” 15 footer

I was particularly interested in the Serro Scotties, since we have one in storage in New York. This one is similar to ours, but ours is unpainted (called a “silverside”). This one belongs to the couple that runs a Serro Scotty discussion group on Yahoo. If we can get ours fixed up, we can take it to some local rallies next summer.

Camping in a vintage 50s or 60s “canned ham” trailer like this is more primitive than in the Airstream: no bathroom, no air conditioning, limited water, no holding tanks, and very very small spaces. It’s fun because it’s a nostalgic experience, and the vintage canned hams are rolling art. It’s not about creature comforts when you take one of these tiny trailers on the road.

Who knows, perhaps they will see a revival sometime soon. Many of the little Shastas or Serro Scotties (or other trailers made by one of a hundred other manufacturers who thrived back then) are so light and towable they can easily be hauled by a small car.

Bailey Island lobster rolls.jpg

This evening Susan made lobster rolls for everyone from the lobster collected yesterday. Fabulous! Dessert was Eleanor’s classic Tiramisu. We’re eating awfully well this week, and the best part is that we have plenty of leftover lobster for tomorrow. Hmmm…. lobster omelettes, or another round of lobster rolls for lunch?