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Making Curtains

Since last February, when we got serious about continuing our trip for another year, Eleanor has been saying that need to make the trailer as much of a “home” as possible. We’ve done a lot of decorating and upgrading since then, and now that we are settled in Vermont for a while, she’s taking to the opportunity to change the curtains.

We’ve never been wild about the curtains that came with the trailer. We like colors, and the factory curtains were basically bland. Today she got working on the curtains in Emma’s bedroom. These will be simply a fabric stitched to the existing curtain. This is the easiest approach.

In our bedroom, I’ve requested a light-blocking fabric backing, and more fullness to the curtains so that they don’t need Velcro closures to stay shut. Eleanor is going to make all-new curtains there.

Charlotte curtain making.jpg

We haven’t picked out a fabric for the middle curtains (dinette and living space). They may carry the theme of one of the bedrooms, or be something entirely different. I know a designer would say we should carry one theme throughout since it is such a small space, but we’ve haven’t made that decision yet.

More plans are in the making. Bert and Janie report that they need more time in Nova Scotia and are wondering if we can push our plans to leave New England back a week. I’ve also got business that may keep us here another week, which is a shame, since we’ve been invited to visit Virginia Highland Haven Airstream Park and it closes by Oct 15. Looks like we won’t make it.

Last year I would have pushed hard to get out early and make every date we’ve been invited to. But going forward we need to slow down. We logged 30,000 miles in less than a year, crossing the country four times. We made about a hundred different stops. This year, we’re going to stay longer, drive less, and probably miss a few things in the name of more relaxed travel.

One Response to “Making Curtains”

  1. Becky Weimer Says:

    We’ve been enjoying reading about your full time living in your Airstream. Keep up the good work!