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One last day at storage?

Just a quick entry today because we are heading out to … you-know-where … again today. This is the big day. We are going to consolidate the two storage units into one, except for the stuff that people are coming to buy tomorrow. We’ll also make the big final trash run, using a utility trailer. So the job will probably take all day.

Craigslist has proven helpful for selling the furniture. I posted a bunch of stuff yesterday and managed to find buyers for three large pieces. But I’m also getting a bunch of scams, including this one:

RE: (4) cherry spindle-backed chairs – $240
I saw your advert posted on the internet for sale and am very much interested in buying it from you, I am a dealer in all kind of electronics and am currently based here in Canada I will be responsible for the the shippment from your location to my base, so I would want you to get back to me with your asking prize and recent pics and also I would want to know it’s present condition. I will await a reply from you.

Wow, what a bad scam. Can you see all the obvious tip-offs that this guy is a phony? And yet people fall for these all the time. I also got a phony notice that I have won a “Euro-Afriq lotto” for $800,000 this week. It’s rampant. Just be cautious if you are selling stuff on the Internet, and try to do business locally.

One Response to “One last day at storage?”

  1. Rita Says:

    Hi Rich,

    I am just in the process of deciding what to store after I sell my house. Not much, due to storage costs, but I would like to keep some hobby material and framed photos.

    Curious if you heard from any readers about lower storage rates in less populated areas? I am not keeping any furniture, so it would not be too hard to make a trip back to Los Angeles to transfer my “stuff”.