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Columbia, MD

Jane says for me to tell all of you that this was the best stop ever. It certainly has been good to see our old friends/co-workers. I was very closely aligned with our friends here, through business, for about nine years. We traveled everywhere together: Orlando, Las Vegas, Tel Aviv, Italy, London, etc… and so even though they aren’t Airstreamers (yet!) we have a common bond in many other ways.

Columbia group photo.jpg

We all went out for dinner this evening at a local Italian place. Seafood pizza? Mmmmm… only in Maryland.

Columbia HS and Emma.jpg

Herschel gave Emma a short ride on his shoulders after dinner. He took me for a 2.5 mile walk, roundtrip, today. Can you believe this is a guy who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer? His powerfully optimistic outlook is absolutely amazing.

We have had a system failure today: our water heater won’t go on. It worked the day before yesterday. So we’ll need to make a stop at an RV dealer, or an Airstream dealer if we want it covered under warranty.

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  1. Terry Says:

    Rich, the water heater issue was recently discussed in another online venue, and Airstream customer support says to try a toothpick soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the gunk out of the burner holes.