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Smithsonian National Zoo

Our trailer has been invaded by little girls lately.

Falls Church girls.jpg

These are all local girls playing with Emma in her bedroom area in the Airstream. They seem to really like the cozy little space in the back, with all of Emma’s toys, white board, the bunk bed, and her various collections. After school on Friday they all showed up and piled in. It’s interesting to see how readily kids take to the trailer. I’ve never seen a kid who didn’t love it.

I think Emma would say that a day at the zoo with another six-year-old girl is the best way to go.
It was pretty fun for us adults too. The National Zoo is, like all Smithsonian museums, free. It’s pretty good, with an extensive new exhibit area called the Asian Trail, and enough creatures to see and learn about to absorb most of a day.

Falls Church metro girls.jpg

For Emma, a big part of the fun was riding the Metro rail system. She doesn’t have a lot of experience with subways, since we usually avoid major cities when we travel.

National Zoo red panda.jpg

The red pandas were only one of the many beautiful animals living in the zoo. I’ll be posting a new album on Flickr with many more pictures, as soon as I can get access to broadband Internet. I haven’t been able to find any wifi from the houses in this cul-de-sac! 😉

National Zoo kids.jpg

The only sour note of the Zoo is the food … I guess they make up the free admission with the food markup. A soda from the machine is $2.50. A hamburger (lacking lettuce, pickles, condiments, cheese, etc.) is $3.25. Movie theater prices.

National Zoo food.jpg

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  1. Rich C Says:

    You ever going to let the scammer know that his check was fradulent?

  2. Andy Says:

    I don’t know how patient you are about the scammer, but why don’t you tell him that Lilian’s check bounced? They Ayres, or his wife (whoever is not in the hospital) can get indignant and start chewing out the scammer.