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Halloween parade

It’s Monday for me too. There’s a pile of stuff to be done today, mostly related to the Spring 2007 issue of the magazine. Yes, we are already well into the Spring issue, and a lot more besides. I only mention this because I want you to know that if you are stuck behind a computer today, I can relate. The major difference is that my computer is sitting on my lap in the bedroom of a 2005 Airstream Safari 30, in a park in Florida. That helps me face a long day of administrative work.

St Augustine church.jpg

Yesterday we explored downtown St Augustine. We’ve never walked the residential part of the “Old Spanish Quarter” before, and it was really beautiful. Most tourists never go there, which is a real loss for sure. It has the history and architecture of New Orleans’s French Quarter and Garden District, without the grime, sleaze, and criminality.

St Augustine pastry.jpg

We broke two guidelines of our trip (diet and budget) by stopping into a French pastry shop on a narrow side street, and having pastry for lunch. But we also abided by another important guideline: be spontaneous and enjoy the little things. It was a good choice. I had a French cheesecake, Emma had an eclair, and Eleanor had a little almond pastry.

St Augustine pastry shop.jpg
The Denoel Pastry Shop, recommended!

Thus sugared up, we met up with a few nice ghouls and rode the free St Augustine shuttle over to the other side of town, where a kids’ Halloween parade was getting geared up. They marched through St George street (the merchants’ row) and the parade culminated with a costume contest.

St Augustine ghoul.jpg

When I get on broadband next, I’ll upload a bunch of other St Augustine photos. It’s a very photogenic city.

While we were awaiting the costume judging, I spotted this “sign of the week” on someone’s t-shirt.

St Augustine t-shirt.jpg
No One Cares About Your Blog

St. Augustine has a nice little community downtown and some very cool real estate in the Spanish Quarter, but nothing we could afford, so we’ll keep looking. We’ll be here two more days, and I’ll try to break away from the computer

2 Responses to “Halloween parade”

  1. Steve Says:

    I care. about your blog. Deeply. 🙂

    It would appear that I don’t care about my own since it’s been so neglected!

  2. Adam Maffei Says:


    We always enjoy catching up with you all. Your entries just keep gettin’ better!

    Trick or Treat to Emma

    Adam & Susan