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A new name for our scammer

Our scammer is back, with a completely different attitude and some new information:


how are you and your family?Hope cool?Sorry for the
long silence,it was due to my job type and i got a
message from my courier that the check was delayed for
security reasons.My accountant contacted me today with
the tracking number of the check sent via ups
(Tracking number#1Z224R840192210258)The check should
get to you today or tomorrow,so i urge that you get
check cash and send the overpayment of $2,000 via
western union money transfer as stated earlier to my
mover who will come for the shipping/moving of the
item as soon as he gets the money.This is the
information needed to send the money via western union
money transfer

John Kinsey
302 ash dr,
TN 38544,
U.S.A .

Kindly get back to me with the senders full name and
address,MTCN#, and exact amount sent.
You are to send a Total sum of $1,800 and the $200
excess fund is to be used as western union charges
and you keep the change for the stress i mhave put you
My mover/shipper will contact you as soon as
possible.Looking forward to doing more business with
you in the nearest future.
Thanks and have a wonderful day.


“Have a wonderful day”? Concern for the family? “Keep the change for the stress …”? Wow, such a change from “I will invite the appropriate authorities” a couple of weeks ago. Is our scammer going soft on us?

But most interesting is that the latest UPS package is coming from Cookville, TN and the funds recipient has changed to John Kinsey, also of Tennessee. Unlike Velecia Farmer of Hampton, VA (our last funds recipient), Mr. John Kinsey appears to be a real person. He has a phone number in that name at that address. But I can’t say if he really sent this latest fake check or if he is just being used. I’m tempted to give him a call, but what would I say? “Are you a lying miserable scammer or just an innocent victim?”

Google Earth users can see his suburban location in Tennessee here, but unfortunately Google Earth doesn’t seem to have sufficient resolution in that area to actually see the house.

So we’ll wait for the latest fake check to show up, and scan it for your viewing pleasure. Then Ayres will have his chance to make mischief …