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Scam: the CIA investigates?

I am getting the sense that the scammer is more than one person. The message always follows a certain format but the spelling and grammar vary dramatically. I wonder if there is a sort of team out there (similar to a customer service phone bank) handling these inquiries in a team fashion. If so, this would certainly be worthy of Federal investigation since it would cross state lines and involve large sums of money in aggregate.

Today the scammer threatens us with the FBI and CIA. We’ve also gotten another new name in the game, “Johnson Cole”.



AM johnson the remitter to issued out payment for the items you want to sell for Dr williams…i really want to confirmed if payment have been recieve..and i want to know the update of this payment…if you have cash it …and send the remaining balance to the mover….who are to handle the pickup of the items am paying for..kindly please get me updated of the following listed below

[usual blah blah blah deleted here]

I would be glad to read from you ….cuz there is something going on in which am asking this…and this have been in care of the FBI and the CIA…in hwihc they as me to confirm this first from you before they start there own personal investigation..kindly give and update about this..

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Note to scammers: It really doesn’t lend credibility (if you are pretending to be a shipping company) to have a Yahoo or Hotmail email address which puts a little ad line at the bottom of every email.

So much for Mr. Nice Guy of yesterday, who was so concerned about Ayres’ health. I think his bauxitis is about to take a massive turn for the worse. Our response:

This is Ayres’ aunt. My name is Abel Avion. Ayres is still in the hospital and very sick. We are worried about him. The doctors say he has more than Bauxitis, he has Monocoque too. They think he may be oxidizing. He will be in the hospital for a few more days at least while they treat him. He is on massive doses of nuvite but so far still feels dull and listless.

He told me he was expecting a check from you and asked me to watch for it, but I have not seen it yet. When it comes I will try to get it cashed for him and follow your instructions.

Abel Avion

2 Responses to “Scam: the CIA investigates?”

  1. Danine Says:


    Yesterday at the church rectory where I work, we got one of these scam emails. This time it was a grieving widow who wants to leave her husband’s millions to a church or organization that will spread the Good News to those less fortunate, blah, blah, blah. They’re everywhere!

  2. jennifer O'Brien Says:

    we also got scammed by this velecia farmer person from hampton va. there are other names involved; fred johnson of freegate delivery in hampton va., janet collar – the original emailer, and bill crush – janets landlord. the also threatened us with contacting the fbi.