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Scam: A web of lies

Our scammer(s) are getting tangled up in their own web of lies. A couple of days ago I received another notice from another shipping company. The first one, as you may recall, was supposedly from Cosco Shipping Lines. Here’s the second one:


Hello Ayers Reem,

How are you doing today..this is calvary shipping kompany.we represent Dr williams in shipping of his goods he buy in abroad..we will like to confirm if this name is you real name and your contact address.writting below..

Ayres T Reem
[address deleted]

If this is your full info kindly email us back to let us no so will can come over to your location and have the items ship to his client.

Also Dr williams said you are the one that will send us our will we also like to comfirm that from you .so will can send you the information you will use in sending the money to us via..westernunion money transfer.
will be expecting your reply soon.


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Wow, that’s believable … NOT! (“shipping kompany”?)

However, we got an interesting break. UPS managed to lose the package with the second check! As of this morning it has not been delivered and UPS cannot account for it on their tracking page. It was last seen in Louisville three days ago. Plus, our scammer is getting nervy again by threatening the Feds. So Ayre’s aunt took the opportunity to push back a little:

This Ayres’ Aunt Abel again … I am very concerned. I just found out that the first check you sent him wasn’t good, and today checked UPS and found that the second check you keep promising is “missing”. That’s what UPS said when I tracked the number you sent. Are you going to send a check or not?

And Ayre’s cousin says someone has been sending him messages threatening to talk to the FBI and CIA about this. Who is Johnson Cole? Who is Velecia Farmer? Who is John Kinsey? You need to decide where the money is supposed to be sent because I can’t tell from all the names you have sent, and I am supposed to help Ayres sell his car while he is in the hospital.

But first tell me where the check is. It has not been delivered and if you don’t send a check right away I’m going to tell Ayres to sell his car to someone else.

Let’s see if we can get the scammer to send a third check at his expense!