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The end of the scam?

Sad news. I’m afraid Aunt Abel has scared off our scammer with her snippy demand for payment. The promised second check that was sent via UPS was apparently lost, and the scammer has gone silent on us. Last email from our scammer,

a.k.a. Richard Williams
a.k.a. Dr Lilian Williams
a.k.a. Velecia Farmer
a.k.a. Johnson Cole
a.k.a. John Kinsey
a.k.a. Calvary Shipping Kompany
a.k.a. COSCO Shipping
a.k.a Alvaro Mendoza

… was November 3, five days ago.

Farewell, scammer. We’ll miss you. But I’m sure you’ll still be out there, somewhere, trying to fleece people of their money.

One Response to “The end of the scam?”

  1. Levi Says:

    Hi Rich, good to hear you got the scammer. I’m just testing the dandy new captcha. Let me know what you think.