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Thanksgiving Day 2006

A cold snap has descended upon us here in central Florida. Yesterday was the coldest day we’ve seen, barely reaching 60 with gray skies coming and going. The heat pump in the Airstream has been cycling for 16 hours a day for several days.

It was a good day to get some work done, since things are somewhat quiet in the world of US commerce. I did a bit of that, and then in the afternoon Emma and I took a four mile walk along the Upper Tampa Bay Trail with Bert and Janie. This trail follows “Channel A” a 1960s-era flood control project, which was later recognized to be an environmental mistake. It caused as many problems as it solved, so it was later modified to slow the flow of water and have some wetlands buffers as well.

Now it’s a great place to spot birds, as we discovered. “Eagle eye” Emma was the bird-spotting champ, picking out three black Anhingas against dark backgrounds that the rest of us would never have seen. We also spotted a Great Blue Heron, two Little Blue Herons, Turkey Vultures, and several duck-like birds that we haven’t yet identified.

Eleanor spent most of the day at Brett’s apartment, preparing … who knows what … we’ll find out today. All I know is that there seems to be enough food there to choke an elephant. Emma and I will head over later this morning and join Barry, Bert, Janie, Brett and Eleanor.

This is the second Thanksgiving we’ve spent on the road. If you’ve started reading this blog in the past few months, you might be interested in how we spent Thanksgiving last year. Last year we were in Benbow CA, which is along the Redwood Highway (Rt 101) in northern California. I like the variety of having holidays in different places around the country, but it is more fun this year with some good friends to join us.

Thanks for joining us on the blog, too. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Tampa alligator sign.jpg
No Thanksgiving for alligators, if you don’t swim. Sign of the week!