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Emma’s Halloween

[Editor’s note: The following post was dictated by Emma. She is describing her experiences in Denver and Colorado Springs around Halloween.)

Emma says I love you DiDi. We are having a great time.

Me and mommy went to a Aquarium and at the end we got to pet some Manta Rays. We could only touch them with two fingers at once. The little manta rays felt like velvet. I wouldn’t touch any of the big ones because they felt like itchy scratchy velvet. I did not like the big ones feel.

When I was sleeping over at my cousin Hannah’s house, um we got to stay up very late and we watched movies all night. It was so cool. Let’s see, in the morning I wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast. Hannah wanted fried egg and we asked for toast with butter and when our butter with toast was served she (auntie Ali) also gave us some grapes. Hannah couldn’t have fried eggs because my scrambled eggs were all ready made. So Hannah got scrambled too. After breakfast we went back down stairs to play dress-up again.

We went to Chuckie Cheeses for lunch. When we got there we first went on a big slide. It was the best slide ever! And we played almost every game in there. Auntie Ali got us balls to take home.

After lunch we want back to their house to get ready to go trick-or treating. Boo!!! Did I scare you? I was a ghost for Halloween. Hannah was a princess. We had such a great time.

One Response to “Emma’s Halloween”

  1. Adam&Susan Says:

    Emma, This is the purr fect update. Glad to hear you, Hannah and everyone else has such a frightenly good time!