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Bill & Larry’s excellent Airstream

The last thing I want to do on the day after Thanksgiving is go anywhere near a shopping center, but Friday was a day for us to fix things and that meant a trip to the hardware store. I picked up a few screws and washers to finalize the bracket mount for the new TV, and some “Goo-gone” to clean up leftover adhesive.

In this model of trailer there’s a built-in shelf mounted in the forward bedroom, designed to fold out and support a small conventional TV. We never needed this and I have ignored it until recently. When Brett moved the old 15″ TV to the bedroom, he removed the built-in shelf, which left some screw holes and the glue residue. We filled the holes with little tan screw caps recycled from the shelf.

Tampa tv shelf.jpg
You can just barely see the tan caps. Click for larger.

In the photo above there are still two divots in the wall that we will disguise or cover later. Those were made by the factory installer to accommodate rivet tails that protruded from the back of the shelf unit.
The shocker was the weight of that shelf. It’s made of steel, and felt like about twenty pounds. I should have tossed it a long time ago.

Tampa conversion bus.jpg
Christmas decorations started appearing a week ago

We have decided to stay in Tampa for another week. There’s too much that we want to do here. But someone has a seasonal rental on our space, so today we need to move to another site in the park. We’ll be parked directly across from Bert & Janie.

More blog readers have purchased a new Airstream. Bill and Larry emailed me this week to say they’ve finally placed the order for their 2007 Airstream Safari 23 Special Edition LS. Congratulations! We’ll see you in the southern California desert this winter!

One Response to “Bill & Larry’s excellent Airstream”

  1. Bill and Larry Says:

    Thanks, Rich, for the congrats! We’re looking forward to seeing you and family in our Southern Californian desert… at least by March… or you will get a razzing from us!
    Bill & Larry