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Jetskiing Tarpon Lake

We relocated the Airstream yesterday to a different site at Bay Bayou, and then I met up with Brett for some jetskiing on Tarpon Lake. The plan was to test the jet ski that he recently bought and fixed up, before taking it out on Sunday near Ft De Soto Park.

Tampa Tarpon Lake 3.jpg
Unloading the jet skis at the boat ramp

This was the first day we’ve been jetskiing together since our adventure on Lake Mead last May.

Things went perfectly … for a while. There we were, zooming along the lake’s surface at speeds up to 46 MPH. The sky was blue, the air was warm, the lake was mostly calm …

Tampa Tarpon Lake 1.jpg

And then, about five miles from the boat ramp, Brett’s ski made an expensive noise, and sputtered to a halt.

Tampa Tarpon Lake 2.jpg

Fortunately, we were prepared for this possibility. We tied a rope on and slowly towed the dead ski all the way back to the boat ramp. Better to find out about the ski’s defects on a quiet fresh water lake, than out in the Gulf of Mexico.

While we were gone, Emma and Eleanor found a new wetsuit for Emma. That’s for today’s new plan. Instead of jetskiing off Ft De Soto, we’re going snorkeling off Egmont Key, which is near Ft De Soto. We met up with Bert & Janie in the evening when we came over to borrow their microwave to reheat our Thanksgiving leftovers, and they are considering joining us too.