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Silver Joes in the morning

Our days have been consumed with work lately — the curse of the working traveler — so we’ve been spending a lot of time inside instead of out having adventures. This isn’t so bad right now, because the temperatures and humidity have been slowly building all week and today it may be more comfortable inside with the A/C on.

Yesterday Eleanor found a chrome shelving unit that looks like it will suit our needs under the new countertop we installed at Barry’s. We did some initial test-fitting last night and will finalize it later this week, after we borrow a hacksaw to shorten the legs. I’ll post photos of the finished project.

Brett showed up last night to help with that, and also to finish up some wiring for the new LCD TV. We’ve now snaked the wires through the wall so that the TV installation looks nice and clean, and everything is ready for installation of an inverter in the overhead bin later. Once I find a good “pure sine wave” 300-watt inverter I’ll wire it up, and this will allow us to watch the big TV when boondocking. (I want to get a pure sine wave inverter so I can also use it to power the laser printer once in a while.)

In addition to having an Official Magazine (which I am proud to say is Airstream Life), and an Official Bicycle (Birdy Bikes), I bet you didn’t know that Airstream has an Official Coffee.

I found this out a few months ago when we spotted Silver Joe’s Coffee giving out free samples at the International Rally last July in Salem OR. So we bought some to give it a try. (You gotta have all the Airstream “stuff”, right?)

Tampa silver joes.jpg
Silver Joe’s gets the Emma Seal of Approval