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Skyway Fishing Pier

On the road again, and it feels good! We towed the Airstream down to Ft De Soto for the afternoon, and met Brett, and another Airstream couple, Terry & Marie, at our “day camp” by the North Beach. They brought motor scooters, so I got to take one out and give Emma a ride.

Ft De Soto Emma scooter.jpg

One of the neat things about taking your Airstream to Ft De Soto is that you can park on the bay at several points, on reasonably firm sand.

Ft De Soto beach camp.jpg

Our next stop was the Sunshine Skyway South Fishing Pier, across Tampa Bay. Readers of the Vintage Thunder blog last year may recall we’ve been here before. It’s a neat spot for an overnight. Bert & Janie drove out to join us for the evening, just to see what it’s like. They may bring their Airstream next time.

Skyway kids.jpg
Bert interviews some fishermen on the Skyway Pier

After sunset Bert and I went down the pier to try to get some night shots of the nearby Sunshine Skyway Bridge. I like how this bridge looks like a sailing ship at night, but it’s tough to get a decent shot even with a tripod. We were at it with two Nikons and long lenses, for half an hour.

Skyway Bridge.jpg

It has been a quiet, if damp, night on the pier. Being over the water, a mile from shore, it is naturally very humid. But the temperatures have been perfect and as I type this, the sun is rising to give a pink and blue start to the day. We’ll tow south today, either to Naples, the Everglades, or the Keys, depending on how it goes.

Our Google Earth position on the Skyway Pier.

2 Responses to “Skyway Fishing Pier”

  1. Andy Says:

    So what parts of Florida are NOT made of “reasonably firm sand”?
    (The Everglades are in a category of their own.)

    BTW, current Car & Driver magazine has an article of interest: The editors borrowed a 500 HP Mercedes-Benz ML from M-B; after letting the president of Airstream drive it for an hour, he let them borrow a 20-ft trailer(can’t remember the model). I haven’t read the whole article yet, but figured I’d bring it to your attention.

  2. Terry Says:

    We’re glad y’all enjoyed yourselves this weekend. We only wish you could have stayed longer.