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Good bye, Sutton RV

Gotta love those guys at Sutton. What a nice bunch. Today we were leaving, so they hitched us up to their little forklift and hauled us over to dump the tanks. Then they filled our propane, adjusted our tank monitors, and fixed a minor issue with our water heater. In the meantime the entire staff was just incredibly accommodating and nice … and they fed us donuts and hot mulled cider.

AND they offered us tons of advice on places to see along the Oregon coast, directions to everything we might want to do, and, and, and, …. I could go on all day. Thank you Debbie, Crystal, Tom, all the guys on the sales staff, Sig, and of course George and Martha. You guys ROCK!

wbcci trailer2.jpg

Just before we left, George showed me his latest delivery: a “WBCCI 50th Anniversary Edition” Airstream Classic Limited 30 slide-out. Nice rig.

WBCCI trailer.jpg

Everyone we’ve met in Oregon has been exceptionally nice. Last night fellow Airstreamer Jim Jordan (who we know only from the Internet) dropped in and chatted for a while. Today he came back with his wife and we spent another pleasant half hour talking Airstreams. Another couple dropped in too, folks we didn’t even know before but who had heard (via Internet) that we were there. And Dan Patch dropped in again, too, just to give us a nice card and wish us luck.

Everyone has done two basic things: (1) plied us with extensive advice about the wonderful things to do in beautiful Oregon; (2) educated us on the proper way to say “Oregon.” Being from New England, we say “OR-uh-GONE”. Locals tell us that it should be “OR-ee-GUN.” We are practicing but far from fluent in Oregonese.

So now we are in Florence OR, which is by the coast. The weather is very mild here, so freezing nights are a remote possibility but it probably won’t get much over mid 50s either. We arrived after dark, so I can’t tell you much about the place but tomorrow Eleanor and Emma will go exploring while I work.

I’m afraid this may be a fairly dull week for the blog. I expect to spend the next four days plugging away on my computer, in the “Activity Building” of this campground where they have free wireless Internet. But I’ll try to get E&E to post about their adventures. They are planning to visit a haunted lighthouse, see Sea Lions, get salt water taffy, and walk on the beach, among other things.

2 Responses to “Good bye, Sutton RV”

  1. Ingrid Says:

    I sure hope you will be getting closer to the Bay Area over the winter, we’d like to come and say hello. (In Sutherlin Oregon, I once had the world’s best fried egg breakfast at 2 a.m. at a truck stop on a long drive. I will never forget the name Sutherlin because of that breakfast).

    Hope you see you soon in our area! Have fun! Hello Emma, I have a six year old who would love to meet you. Her name is Amelia.

    Ingrid Dayton
    Alameda, CA

  2. Charles Spiher Says:

    Even though it was tough for you to part with the big $$ for the neat graphics treatment, I can see now that it will pay many times over. Spectacular public relations working 24/7/365.

    Speaking of spectacular relations, will Emma become the Matt Lauer of the elementary homeschool set ? By the time you end this odyssey, I expect her to be sitting beside Katie Couric and assisting fat Al Roker with the weather. Should I contact NBC ?

    Charlie & Lynn Spiher
    South Bend, Indiana