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Our sunset ritual

Amidst the house-hunting and work, I am also making some of the final arrangements for our trip into Mexico. I heard from Bert & Janie and Adam & Susan today but unfortunately none of them can make it. On the bright side, Ken & Petey Faber have asked to join our little caravan, so that makes three Airstreams going now. The Fabers will be a welcome addition because they’ve been to Mexico before, on a Vintage Airstream Club caravan all the way to Belize.

One of the things I needed was a notarized document from my corporation certifying me as a bona fide employee and authorizing me to take the company vehicles into Mexico. This would be a minor nuisance but for the fact that we happen to have a resident notary here in the park. I just walked down to his site last night and got him to witness my signature while sitting at the picnic table. It’s amazing what services you can find among the residents of these places.

Tomorrow we shall try again to get E&E into the sky. Vermont hasn’t warmed up any (still brutally cold with mounds of snow everywhere) but they seem to be looking forward to the visit. Personally, I am still enjoying the warm sunny days of Arizona and don’t have any desire to leave.

Tucson Emma sunset photo.jpg

The sunset bike rides have become a regular feature for Emma and I. Right around that time all the residents seem to come out and walk their dogs or chat with their neighbors before dinner, and everyone appreciates the gorgeous sunsets along the Santa Catalinas and the Rincons.

Once in a while Emma takes out her camera to capture it. This evening we went over by Rich C’s trailer and he followed along on his skateboard as we looped around the paved roads of the park. Whatever we do, this little sunset ritual puts a nice cap on the day and I’ve come to appreciate it.

11 Responses to “Our sunset ritual”

  1. Leigh Says:

    I wish we had known about your Mexico trip – we would have crashed your party!!!!!