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Tampa Pitcher Show

These days Tampa is like my second home. I hadn’t expected to be here this long, but hey … enjoy it.

However, today is Monday and that means plenty of work to be done. Brett & I parked ourselves in his home and spent the day pounding the keys of our computers. It seems like a million projects needed to be addressed: new products in the web store, article editing, planning for the Fall issue, tax returns, customer service issues, bills, etc.

I was asked last week at the rally how people can become full-timers and still make a living from the road. I get this question a lot. It’s a tough topic because the answer is so dependent on the person asking the question.

Basically my answer is that you need to look inside yourself, decide what you like and what you are skilled at doing, and then follow your heart. Going full-timing is a choice made by people who are willing to take a chance at their dream. It’s only one step further to do the same with your career.

The second thing I tell people is that they need to consider whether their goal is to make money or to travel. It’s hard to do both well at the same time. Many full-timers I know choose to alternate working and traveling, two or three months at a time. Others work casually on small background projects all the time.

I rarely meet people like myself, who work every day and try to wrap travel around a “regular” day job. It’s a difficult arrangement. It works for me because I really like what I do and the feeling of growing a small business is a big reward. Also I have an essential asset: my family is supportive of mixing work and play into one seamless lifestyle.

So now you can see why I say, “It depends on you,” when someone asks me how to make money on the road. There’s no simple answer. But — it can be done.

FSR pitcher show.jpg

Tonight we decided a nice break from work would be dinner and a movie. Here in Tampa you can get both at the same time, at the Pitcher Show. Tonight’s flick: “Ghost Rider” with Nicholas Cage. It was actually much better than we expected … nice escapism from a long day “in the office.”