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Wendimere’s new book

Tonight Brett and I drove about 50 miles over to Haines City, where Wendimere and Bill live. You might recall that we parked the Airstream here last November. Wendimere has just published her first book and the first review copy arrived on Friday, so we came over to celebrate it and have a really nice organic dinner.

Haines City Wendy Bill book.jpg
Wendimere and Bill with the first copy of her book

Wendimere’s book is entitled “The Health Chic Guide: Hip, Fun, and Delicious Living” and although it’s not directly related to Airstreaming we’re going to carry it in the Airstream Life store. I was really impressed with the quality of her work and the diversity of topics Wendimere managed to cover in it. Since she self-published it, people won’t be able to find it at very many places and I think it’s a really relevant topic to a lot of people who are concerned about living a more healthy life. Check it out here.

So now I can announce the rest of our plan for the bookstore. Over the past few months I’ve mentioned books that I found particularly good for travelers, like the Mexico camping book by Mike & Terri Church. I’ve decided to try to carry as many of those books as possible in our web store so you can find them if you want, and hopefully some of you will support this blog by buying the books from us instead of from some other online retailer.

As part of this, I’d welcome your nominations for great travel books. I’m interested in unusual books that make good reading or exceptionally good information. For example, a few months back Andy recommended “Sailing Around The World” by Capt Joshua Slocum. Mike recommended “A Cook’s Tour” by Anthony Bourdain, Wendimere gave me a copy of “Blue Highways” by William Least-Heat Moon, and Bobby lent me “Over The Edge of The World,” by Laurence Bergreen.

I liked them all and in the past few months I have recommended them to you. Eventually we’ll get some of these in the store too, and hopefully a few newer books. So let me know if you’ve got a favorite tale or travel resource book that we might want to include in the store and recommend to other blog readers!

2 Responses to “Wendimere’s new book”

  1. Michael Young Says:


    My book recommendation is both a travel book of a kind and a personal journey as well. The title tells it all: High Endeavours, The Extraordinary Life and Adventures of Miles & Beryl Smeeton. Marco Polo never walked as far as these to amazing people. Joshua Slocum had fewer adventures at sea, too. The Smeeton’s story is one that astounds at every turn.

  2. Doug Reid Says:


    If you are going to carry travel books you have to include Bill Bryson. Short of writing a book about time in trailers, this guy is, hands-down, the best travel author. IMHO>