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Granite Mountain Wilderness

Prescott continues to amaze … the recreation here is fabulous. This afternoon Rich C took us to the Granite Mountain Wilderness area inside the Prescott National Forest. Like all the great recreation here, this was very close to town.

Prescott Granite Mtn Wilderness.jpg

We went for a short hike, about 3 miles roundtrip, to see some of the great climbing areas. There’s also a campground in the National Forest, called Yavapai. The hiking was easy on a trail called only “261”, but the granite boulders are extremely rough to the touch and take a heavy toll on the skin of climbers.

Prescott Emma hiking.jpg

Still, we tried a little easy rock climbing after the hike, and Emma seems to be very interested in it, even with the rough granite.

From our campsite, it’s an easy scramble up to a section of the Dells where the views are panoramic. Emma has gotten in the habit of going up every evening to take sunset photos. This evening Rich C and I accompanied her.

Prescott Emma dells.jpg

It’s an incredible thing to just walk out our door and into this amazing granite playground. None of us want to leave, so I think we will extend yet another day.

One Response to “Granite Mountain Wilderness”

  1. Rich C Says:

    Glad you’ve had fun! Just wait until tomorrow!