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Demolition day II

Take a couple of prybars, hammers, a ladder, and a few heavy-duty plastic bags … add one room decked out in the height of 1971 dark wood paneling … and have fun.

Tucson br before demo.jpg
Before the fun family day…

We always knew that this room would take some extra effort. It has fantastic potential but basically all the cosmetics are wrong: bad windows, peeling fake-parquet vinyl floor, outdated paneling, and a distinctly dusty odor. When we’re done it should be the nicest room in the house.

Last Thursday the laborers stripped the floor, and today we got in there to pull the paneling. Eleanor and I did the heavy work, while Emma collected the nails from the floor and assisted with sweeping.

Behind the paneling there was drywall, and behind the drywall there were furring strips nailed to burnt adobe block … and about a pound of fossilized mouse droppings and other fun things.

Tucson mystery eggs.jpg
Mystery eggs?

I was surprised to find a clutch of what appeared to be eggshells. They were very thin, white, round, and delicate. Each one was broken open, and there were no other clues indicating what they might have hatched. Any ideas?

Tucson demolition.jpg
… and almost done!

We’re very pleased with the change in this room. It is lighter, warmer, and more authentic. Already it is showing its potential. Once the floor is in, we’ll shoot a comprehensive photo essay of the entire house and figure out what else it needs.

We’ll have a lot of things to consider this summer while we are away. I just wonder if it will continue to command our attention, or if our ardor for the house project will wane when we get a few hundred miles away.

Tucson evening view.jpg
Dinnertime view of the Santa Catalinas from the patio

4 Responses to “Demolition day II”

  1. Bruno ACCART Says:

    hi rich;
    Your house project is an interesting subject as all others you share with us during your america travelling. YES, continue to show us your work, it’s the life and the Airstream is not too far from that.
    About eggs … snakes ????? We have not that in our county.


  2. Tim Shephard Says:


    Get some aluminum from Jackson Center and redo that room CCD style.

    It will make the change to home life less overwhelming.

  3. Roger Says:

    Maybe you will have to spin off these entries into a new blog “Tour of Tucson”? (My apologies if this has been suggested, I don’t read many comments)

  4. jill Says:

    Your eggs look like gecko, some sort of lizard, or skink. Those aren’t the scientific names, but that’s what we call them. Too little for snakes, too big for spiders. Unless, maybe they’re really really big spiders……..