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General Contractor

Today was the confluence of contractors, and I was in the dead center as the General Contractor. The day started at 7 a.m. with verification of our flooring shipment. At 7:15 the roofers showed up with two large trucks and a dozen men. In 15 minutes they had our roof mostly stripped.

Tucson roof stripped.jpg

While they were working, I went to pick up a 24 foot diesel truck rental. Then I trucked over to the warehouse and watched 5,500 pounds of slate plus a thinset (mortar) and grout get loaded on the truck via forklift.

By the time I got back, the flooring crew had arrived and finished stripping the remains of the old floor. I backed the truck up to our front door and we started unloading. It takes a while to move eight pallets of slate with just a dolly. Meanwhile, the roofing crew covered the Airstream in a tarp to protect it from dripping tar, and the mess really got started.

Tucson AS tarpe.jpg

If you’ve ever hired a general contractor and wondered what he did to deserve his fee, try standing in his tar-covered shoes for a day. I was running back and forth all day, directing traffic, driving the truck, unloading, answering questions, making snap decisions, authorizing expenditures, quality-checking the slates, and solving problems.

There were minor conflicts between the flooring crew and the roofing crew. There were unexpected tar leakages into the living room. We needed an electrician, and a plumber on short notice. We needed to find a pair of drywall finishers. We had to schedule additional work for later this week and even next week after we will be gone. There were deadlines to return the truck and get the trash to the dump, and at the end of the day a line of people waiting for their checks.

Tucson laundry tile.jpg

But at the end of the day, we managed to solve every problem, clean up the site, get everyone paid, and work up a schedule for the rest of the tasks to be done. It was a success and tomorrow we get to do it all again, with the electrician, plumber, drywallers and flooring team on site, and me on the phone trying to find a painter and gutter company to show up by Friday.

Note to happy full-time RV’ers: You’ve got it perfect already. DON’T BUY A HOUSE!

4 Responses to “General Contractor”

  1. Rich C Says:

    When are you hitting the road exactly? Just awaiting your hook up again, and I’ll reconnect the Airstream to the truck for another voyage!

    Guess we’re both weekenders now, eh? 🙂

  2. jack palmer Says:

    Welcome back to home ownership Hell. Hold on to your wallet and pretend that you don’t have any money, because if your house knows that you have even a few dollars, it’ll find a way to get them.It takes a brave family with nerves of steel to take on home renovation. Seems like it’s become a national masochistic pastime judging by the parking lots of Lowes and Homedepot.

  3. Michael Young Says:

    Remarkable effort!! You’re doing in a month or so what it took us 10 months to plan and 7 months to execute: a total gut rehab. One day not too far off you’ll relish the fruits of your labor. Enjoy.

  4. Karen Britting Says:

    OMG Rich and Ele, what a view from the roof! Is a rooftop patio in the budget?? : )