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Heading into the abyss

We’re parked for a quick mid-day errand in Flagstaff AZ, but in about two hours we’ll be at the south rim of the Grand Canyon for the next three nights. We may not be able to get online while there, so if the blog doesn’t get updated for a day or two, don’t think we fell into the Colorado River or something. We’ll just be in the cellular abyss.

Truck parking.jpg

This weekend we will be buying a used satellite Internet system for backup. We currently get online using a Verizon card, and it works pretty well near populated areas — the same places your cell phone works. But it doesn’t work in the more remote national parks where cell coverage is missing, or any part of Canada and Mexico. Since we have some thoughts about traveling out of the country later this year, I decided to snag the used system while it was available. We’ll activate it later, when we are about cross the border again … although there may be moments when I am tempted to de-activate it and go into vacation mode.

One Response to “Heading into the abyss”

  1. Roger Says:

    I have a used DirecWay setup that you can HAVE!